CIC Photonics

Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for R & D industry - Environmental

Universities and research institutes, including federal agencies and laboratories, regularly call upon CIC Photonics to custom design and fabricate gas cells and FTIR gas analyzers for innovative research studies. Their research spans a range from the synthesis of new chemicals to spectroscopy of the universe. Hence, their requirements often demand the complete utilization of the company’s staffing skills in physical chemistry, chemical engineering, optics, mechanical engineering, and electronic engineering, as well as computer programming.

Most every gas cell design in the company’s current product line (see has derived from a R&D contract.  One example is the 4Runner-XFlo combined with a FTIR, which originated from a national laboratory project involving the interaction of a He+ ion beam with atmospheric gas species for generation and identification of short-lived intermediate species.  Another example is an IRGAS Solution for an industrial customer engaged in applying innovative chemical synthesis methods for the production of new electronic specialty gases.  In these cases, an IRGAS-100SPA matched the technical requirements.