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The environmental challenges require internationally accepted standards, in which limits and test methods are defined. Metrohm instruments and applications comply with a lot of international environmental standards. Substances introduced into the environment are distributed among the environmental compartments water, soil (sediment), and air, as well as among the organisms living in them (biosphere). Only if we know the type and quantity of these contaminants can we protect the environment and its inhabitants.

Air is a heterogeneous mixture of finely dispersed, solid or liquid particles in a gas (air). Sampling includes both filter and continuous methods. While the first type is offline and supplies data over longer periods, powerful continuous samplers work online. They are directly coupled to one or more robust analyzers – inline of course.

Soil is a multiphase system in which all spheres coexist. Sample preparation is key for accurate and precise soil analysis. We offer you numerous sample preparation techniques with the appropriate analysis methods for different soil and sediment types.

A lot of the 100,000 compounds produced on a large industrial scale end up in our water supplies. A host of regulations and standards protect our water resources.

In step with regulatory compliance, we offer you the appropriate instrumentation and application for all types of water samples.