Particle Measuring Systems

Monitors, gas analyzers solutions for ISO 22716 solutions for cosmetics & personal care - Health Care

Providing you with a complete spectrum of contamination monitoring solutions. The Cosmetics and Personal Care manufacturing industry is required to meet ISO 22716:2007 and worldwide GMP Standards for hygienic production and contamination control. This includes monitoring viable and non viable contamination that could impact the safety and quality of your products. Particle Measuring Systems brings in-depth knowledge of manufacturing processes and regulatory codes, such as ISO 22716, to Cosmetics and Personal Care manufacturers. We have a range of solutions for all production areas and cleanroom classes.


Whether you are monitoring the environment in your clean manufacturing area, compressed gas, water or chemicals, we have a solution to help you meet your needs. We invest in and stand behind our reliable and easy-to-use instruments, expert Engineering, and Advisory Support services to help you in all the phases of your process. Our products and services have been proven over decades to meet your compliance needs.

Particle Measuring Systems has a range of solutions for all cleanroom classes. Our solutions include:

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