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Portable and fixed gas analysers for gas flaring - Air and Climate

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and should be destroyed before it enters the atmosphere. Flaring is a common solution for gas with CH4 10% - 40%.

Gas Source / Feedstock

  • All landfill and AD derived gas

Typical Gas Mix

  • CH4 10% – 60%
  • Below 10% most flares cannot operate
  • Above 40% gas is usually burned for power generation

Where does it occur?

  • Australia
  • EU

Geotech’s products used in gas flaring:

  • GA3000 PLUS
  • BIOGAS 5000
  • GA5000
  • BIOGAS 300

What is it for?

  • Prevent emissions of CH4 that is a greenhouse gas and is an explosion risk
  • Protect damage to gas engines from poor quality gas

Did you know?

You need to verify CH4 levels are constant and also protect engines when drop there is a drop of gas quality.