Ad Rem

Recycling and separation of shredder light fraction - Waste and Recycling

Ad Rem`s main focus is currently on the processing, reuse and recycling of Shredder Light Fraction. Currently shredder light fraction is already being processed at Group Galloo with the Ad Rem equipment. With the enormous experience in house on this subject,  Ad Rem is currently designing a complete new recycling facility for Group Galloo. This new facility will be specialized in treating Shredder Light Fraction. This installation is full of new exiting technologies and hopes to set the standards for the next coming years.


The main focus of this installation is to recover and reuse as much as possible and dispose to landfill as less as possible. The Ad Rem installation for the treatment of shredder light fractions is a total system that comprises many different technologies. Many items inside the Ad Rem installations are supplied by the best constructors and companies in the recycling business making the Ad Rem installation a high quality package.

With the Ad Rem installation the following end fractions are created:

  • fines
  • organic fuel
  • high chlorine fraction
  • ferrous iron
  • heavy metals mix
  • and last but not least a Recyclable plastics mix

This maximizes the added value of the product.

Ad Rem is convinced that with this installation the processing cost will be much lower compared to other kinds of processes in the market. There is no major shredding cost involved, and also the material does not need to be shred into small parts. This way the loss of valuable recyclable and recoverable materials that are created during the shredding (destroying)  into useless fine particles is minimized. Also the amount of energy required for shredding and the amount of wear it imposes on the shredder components significantly decreases the ecological footprint of this shredder residue.