Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC)

Temperature measurement and control devices for food & beverage industry - Food and Beverage

TTEC sensors are utilized in many Food & Beverage applications. These products allow our customers to achieve the product quality & consistency required with each batch processed. Some of these Industries include Boxed &Ground Beef, Chocolate & Cocoa, Dairy, Pork, Chicken & Turkey, Snack Foods, Food Ingredients, Sweeteners & Sugar, Flavorings & Application Technologies, Bulk Food Transport & Storage, Brewing/Specialty malts and Seafood Processing.

  • TTEC Roasting Drum RTD's include a special abrasion resistant tip that extends product life in chocolate/cocoa Production facilities.
  • TTEC heavy duty handle probes w/piercing tips allow Q.C. personnel in Pork Production to sample products to ensure proper internal temperatures are maintained to guard against contamination due to improper cooking or refrigeration/storage temperatures.
  • TTEC Style 8030 RTD's are supplied standard with FDA White Polypropylene Heads & Sanitary Connections for CIP Applications.
  • TTEC Products assist our Food/Beverage customers in their efforts to improve product quality & shelf life, monitor plant environmental conditions, reduce costs and ensure plant & product safety.