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Wastewater solutions for the industrial effluent pollution management - Water and Wastewater

Problem: Industrial manufacturers face stringent regulations for discharging wastewater to the environment and municipal sewer systems. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a primary concern for many discharge limits, as wastewaters high in BOD can have adverse impacts on the aquatic environments by leading to oxygen depletion. In some cases, as a means to supplement BOD, it is also desirable to monitor chemical oxygen demand (COD) of industrial effluents. Both of these tests, are time and labour intensive reducing the frequency at which they can be measured for a given effluent.

Online monitoring of industrial effluents by UV/Vis spectral analysis allows for continuous detection of BOD and COD (whether it be the effluent of a process within the plant or the final effluent being discharged from the plant) which provides valuable information on the temporal and spatial BOD and COD variations. This enables the plant operators to modify processes and optimize dosing of chemicals ensuring the highest efficiency for the treatment is achieved while minimizing costs. Provided that they have distinct absorption characteristics, it is also possible to track individual compounds of interest within the process line allowing for process optimization and product loss minimization, which in turn also minimizes waste generated.

  • Limit potential for non-compliance events or surcharge fees
  • Optimize treatment processes
  • Optimize chemical dosing and reduce costs
  • Identification of product in wastewater with Spectral Fingerprint
  • Minimize product loss and waste generated