AMCON Inc., team of professionals of dewatering, provides rich variety dewatering equipment from low priced micro compact dewatering equipment to high-capacity king-size dewatering equipment to meet your request.

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1926 Nippa-cho, Kohoku-ku , Yokohama , Kanagawa 2230057 Japan
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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Our job is

'Provide plants and facilities amenity and convenience which are beyond expectation.'

We wish to be always the preferred choice for you and worth the choice.

Our corporate philosophy is 'to provide plants and facilities with amenity and convenience which are beyond expectation.'

Looking toward embodiment of this philosophy, we named the company AMCON. The name is derived from Amenity and Convenience.

We, AMCON, are group of people who seek to be the top company providing the top service, by the top people, with the top technology.

Since the foundation in 1974, we have had setbacks and yet we have survived. That is the result of our dedication to customers. Not just by selling products or services, we have listened to the customers and tackled their problems together. We believe it is also a sign of our customers' trust in us. We are grateful for that.

We wish our customers will always find it easy to turn to us whenever they have problems. We wish to be always the preferred choice for them. To this end, we will continue our tireless efforts toward a first rate company and innovation.

Corporate philosophy

Provide plants and facilities with amenity and convenience which are beyond expectation.

Mission statement

Challenge and creativity

Corporate motto

Create one if it does not exist. AMCON do it as nobody else does.

Management policy

We, AMCON, are group of professionals who seek to be the top company providing the top service, by the top people, with the top technology.
We want to contribute to realization of a better society by creating products and services which are truly customer oriented.

  • We take challenges to solve the problems of the customers by creating quality products and service.
  • We seek to be a company in which each person can enrich oneself with education and share happiness at work with everyone else.
  • We seek mutual prosperity and strong trustworthy relationships with our stake holders based on our sustainable growth.

AMCON INC. has been tackling challenges and making innovations to offer solutions to customers' problems.

AMCON INC. was founded as Environmental Facility Center in Meguro, Tokyo in 1974. The center offered maintenance services for septic tanks, community wastewater treatment plants and other similar treatment facilities.
While operating services, we acquired know-how about machine repair and wastewater treatment. Five years after the establishment, we launched measurement certification business that had been outsourced until then.
Three years later, we developed and launched a belt-thickener used for sludge treatment at wastewater treatment facilities. We also launched a 24-hour remote monitoring service for water and sewage systems of residential and commercial buildings.

In 1987, the company changed its name to AMCON INC. Since then, we have put effort into research and development of sludge treatment systems, aiming at establishing ourselves as a machine manufacturer.
In 1991, we developed the Volute Dewatering Press, a system with an innovative structure. This product brought a new perspective to the sludge treatment industry.
AMCON INC. will continue our efforts to tackle challenges and make innovations. “Solving our customers’ problems” is our watchword.

Greening the roof and walls of the company building

On top of our company building, we have a pond with carp swimming and a garden filled with green.
A green roof curbs a temperature rise of the building as soil’s thermal insulation and plants block sunlight and reduce the load on the air-conditioners. A pond has a similar effect. Water protects the building against heat while evaporation of water takes heat and cools the area. To enhance the effect of the green roof, we are also trying to green the walls. We are growing ivies to create green curtains. It looks like it is going to take some more time.
The working environment with a pond and green also gives us peace of mind.

'Creating a comfortable working environment with air-conditioning setting of 28°C!'

We hope to help reduce CO2 emissions ascribed to the global warming by greening the building and reducing the load of air-conditioners.

Let's clean the streets!

We are carrying out a cleanup activity of our community. Let’s clean the streets is our watchword.
When we ask people from other countries their impression of Japan, they often say it is the cleanliness of the streets. It is nice to hear a good thing about our own country. We wish to be of some help to the community where we work in keeping the streets clean. This is an idea that has led to our activity.
We walk around picking up litter. We usually collect some twenty bags of litter in an hour. While we are collecting litter, neighbors sometimes talk to us. That is very encouraging. One day, an elderly person said, “since we have young people like you, the future of our planet will be bright.” That made us really happy.
We will continue this cleaning activity for the community. This is something we can do.

Reusing replaced parts

Some component units of our products need periodic replacement. We are recycling some of those units. After we receive a used unit from a customer, we carefully disassemble the unit and clean the parts. We select the parts that meet our quality standards. We reassemble those parts into a unit, turning them into new products.
One of our employees said “These parts are still usable. It is waste to throw them away.” That started this activity.
Repeatedly reusing parts reduces impact on the environment and make it possible to offer products at competitive prices.


Nobody wants to destroy beautiful nature of the Earth.
Sadly, however, we might have to say that we destroy it by just living on the earth.
The fact is that we produce wastewater everyday by flushing the toilets, draining the bath, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and so on.
For example, the volume of domestic wastewater produced by a family of 4 members reaches two thousand bottles of 500mL a day.
The annual total volume of sludge produced from all sewage treatment plants in Japan is approximately 427.8 million cubic meters.
Wastewater we daily produce vanishes right away through the drains, which makes us less conscious about the scale of this crisis the earth has been facing.
Then, where does the wastewater go?
The wastewater goes into the wastewater treatment plant, where the wastewater is separated into 'purified water' and 'sludge'.
The purified water is reused while the sludge is just disposed. The problem is that the disposed sludge pollutes the earth and becomes one of the main factors of environmental disruption, which unfortunately few people know about.

How is sludge generated?

To purify the wastewater is to remove all impurities other than H2O.
Biological treatment is commonly practiced in order to remove the impurities dissolved in the water.
Bio-treatment technology uses enzyme produced by microorganisms to remove impurities in wastewater. In other words, microorganisms eat impurities in wastewater and make 'purified water.'
After bio-treatment, 'purified water' and 'sludge' are left in the tank and the 'sludge' is consisted of microorganisms, dead microorganisms and their metabolite.
Microorganisms are essential to make 'purified water,' however, at the same time the more water we treat, the more sludge is generated as byproducts.

Environmental disruption by sludge

Wastewater is separated into purified water and sludge at sewage treatment plants, and the purified water returns to the natural cycle.
On the other hand, the sludge is just disposed after being dewatered down to 85% water content. Due to the limited land space, the sludge is incinerated before going to the disposal. Unbelievably, in some countries, sludge is still disposed directly into the sea without any treatment.
In any case, sludge causes environmental disruption. Disposed sludge by land-filling gets penetrated into underground water by rain falls, and the incineration generates a lot of carbon dioxide. Obviously, the sludge disposed into the sea will cause ocean pollution.
Besides these problems, since these treatment costs a lot of money, some people illegally dump their sludge.
In exchange for the comfortable lives we have enjoyed, this problem has been left unsolved over many years. Yet, a lot of people do not even recognize the problem. As developing countries develop, environmental disruption caused by sludge will be a serious global issue. If we close our eyes to this serious problem, the earth will be filled with piles of sludge.

AMCON's efforts

AMCON is making a positive effort to solve a growing global issue of environmental destruction caused by sludge.
In 1996, we pioneered launch of the 'biodryer Dell Compo' for small-scale sewerage systems in the industry. Dell Compo embodies the idea of establishing a local sludge recycling system by reusing sludge within a community it is generated. In short, Dell Compo turns sludge into fertilizer which would be otherwise discarded as industrial waste. Using Dell Compo for a municipal small-scale sewerage system, sludge will be made into fertilizer instead of being buried or incinerated as industrial waste.
Dell Compo enables sludge recycling, friendly to the environment. It won't contaminate groundwater by landfill. It won't emit carbon dioxide by incineration. A farmer growing vegetables using the fertilizer made from sludge says, 'Since I started to use the fertilizer, the vegetables taste as it used to do in my childhood. This is the true taste of vegetables.' This project is appreciated also by the farmers and is environmental friendly.
As a protector of the environment, AMCON will continue to deliver products like this.
People need to put ethics into action.