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  • BHS - Bag Breaker

    BHS - Bag Breaker

    The BHS Bag Breaker is a highly effective bag-opening technology that eliminates the need for manual bag openers. Several years of product development led to the innovation of this patented system. Bagged material is fed into the BHS Bag Breaker with an in-feed conveyor to achieve an evenly-metered flow rate. Large, counter-rotating drums effectively open the bags and release the contents, which are discharged from the bottom of the machine. The BHS...

  • BHS - Model XD - Bale Breakdown Unit (BBU)

    BHS - Model XD - Bale Breakdown Unit (BBU)

    The BHS Bale Breakdown Unit (BBU) XD transforms bales of plastic into a singulated container stream for effective sorting. Bales are fed onto the integrated variable-speed conveyor and are processed through primary separation shafts, breaking the bales into singulated plastic containers. The material continues through the declumping rolls for final separation of any remaining clustered bottles. The BBU is designed to withstand demanding operating...

  • BHS - Debris Roll Screen (DRS)

    BHS - Debris Roll Screen (DRS)

    The BHS Debris Roll Screen is the industry’s flagship disc screen. This proven, patented technology is the premiere sizing tool for single stream, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, wood waste, compost, green waste, plastics, glass, tires and other miscellaneous materials.

  • BHS - Eddy Current Separator

    BHS - Eddy Current Separator

    The BHS Eddy Current Separator uses a strong magnetic field to efficiently & accurately repel aluminum from incoming materials, recovering your highest value product at high levels of purity. With our ECS, removal of aluminum from the waste stream is precise and product loss is minimized. The BHS ECS is rugged, effective and reliable, offering exceptional commodity recovery.

  • BHS - Model DRS - Glass Breaker

    BHS - Model DRS - Glass Breaker

    The BHS Glass Breaker separates glass from mixed recyclables with an effective and accurate disc screen. The Debris Roll Screen is at the heart of all glass screening and separating systems. This specialty screen is fitted with Glass Breaker accessories designed to break glass and remove it from the container stream utilizing BHS’ patented in-line metal Tri-Discs. The aggressive action of the rotating discs reduces the size of...

  • BHS - Metering Bin

    BHS - Metering Bin

    The new BHS Metering Bin and Metering Bin Liberator Class provide numerous features that increase performance and decrease maintenance requirements. BHS has developed a strong platform to precisely regulate material flow through the combination of a variable speed conveyor and a counter-rotating drum at the discharge end, eliminating black-belt and keeping your system operating at peak levels. The new design’s hallmark is its modularity: the...

  • BHS NewSorter - Screen Automatically Separates Old Newsprint (ONP)

    BHS NewSorter - Screen Automatically Separates Old Newsprint (ONP)

    The BHS NewSorter screen automatically separates old newsprint (ONP) from mixed paper and rigid containers by using our patented in-line discs. BHS’ tri-shaped rubber discs impart a wavelike action into the material stream, liberating containers and smaller fiber from the ONP product. The ONP is conveyed forward while the other objects fall through the screen opening. The unique disc design provides variable Inter Face Opening (sizes), allowing...

  • BHS - Automatically Separates Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)

    BHS - Automatically Separates Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)

    The BHS OCC Separator automatically separates old corrugated containers (OCC) from mixed recyclables. The uniquely designed and patented OCC Separator provides unmatched separation efficiencies. Our in-line, tri-shaped discs impart a bouncing, wavelike action on the material stream, liberating other types of fiber and contaminants from the OCC product. Smaller material falls through the Inter-Face Opening (IFO) between the discs, while the OCC travels...

  • BHS - Polishing Screen

    BHS - Polishing Screen

    The BHS Polishing Screen is the industry’s most effective separator of fiber and containers. This unique screen creates three material fractions: Mixed Fiber, Containers and Fines by using the 2-D and 3-D characteristics of these materials.  Paper is conveyed over the screening surface, while containers and other three-dimensional objects roll off the back of the screen and are consolidated for sorting. The fine materials, consisting of...