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Chromatotec is a group of companies specialized in the manufacturing and sales of gas analyzers in niche markets. For more than 40 years, Chromatotec Group provides a full range of automatic gas chromatograph (autoGC) for online monitoring. These innovative analyzers are 100% made in France and allow to track ppt/ppb/ppm and % concentration levels. With offices in China and USA, our group is worldwide known for its leading-edge technology. Based on gas chromatograph principle, our analyzers are focused on VOC / Sulfurs / Odor monitoring.

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15 Rue d’Artiguelongue - Saint-Antoine , Val de Virvée , 33240 France

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Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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The range of products is as follows :

  • Airmotec : VOC in Air and in water
  • Chroma : impurities in Gas or Air
  • Medor : sulfur in Air, Natural Gas or Biogas
  • Design and installation of turnkey units for gas process

Description of the CHROMATOTEC group :

  • In the US :
    • Chromatotec Inc. (Houston, TX) : Sales and Service for North America
  • In Europe :
    • Chromatotec SARL : Holding of the group
    • Airmotec SA : International Sales
    • Chromato-Sud : Manufacturing place
  • In Asia :
    • Mr Wang Xiao Ming - Sales support in Chinese language

New ! Gas Analyzers With In-Built Computer Serie Gc 866

  • The airmoVOC BTX has TÜV approval on all BTEX compounds (1996). The airTOXIC and airmoBTX both have Italian CNR approval (2006 for airTOXIC and 2007 for airmoBTX).
  • The Medor has ISO certification 6326/2 and meets DIN 51855/7 in Natural Gas and Air
  • Our gas analyser « energyMEDOR » has been chosen as reference system for the ASTM D7493-08 norm
  • VOC and BTX
  • Air and gas analysis stations
  • Odour in air or gas
  • Formaldehyde
  • Product for pure gas / air / natural gas :
    • AirmoVOC BTX
    • AirmoVOC
    • AirMEDOR
    • EnergyMEDOR
    • New MEDOR Exp
  • Gas analysis with online results
  • chromaS

Engineering global solutions with integration of automation systems

  • Multiplexer
  • Peripherical equipment
  • Alarms
  • Explosion proof rack
  • Wall mounted rack
  • Communication protocols...
  • Vistachrom : all products are controlled by the software Vistachrom running under Windows. Piezo Valve to control carrier gas
  • AirmOzone & airmoTWA : complete automated cabinets and data transfer with remote control to Chromatotec laboratory
  • Manufacturing of pure gas analyzers

Worldwide known for its leading-edge of technology, our group proposes gas analysis systems with in-built computers and its own developed software, Vistachrom, to pilot these process analyzer.

Auto GC 866 analyzers range We manufacture several analyzer ranges which mounted in 19' rack and 4U height with everything included in the instrument.

Our main GC 866 ranges are :

  • MEDOR range : analysis of sulphur compounds in natural gas (gas company) and ambient air (waste water plant application) since 1975
  • AIRMO range : analysis of VOC / BTEX in ambient air (ppb, ppt, ppm)
  • CHROMA range : analysis of impurities in pure gas and in industrial air (ppb / %). This range has been developed since the creation of Chromato-Sud company in 1986.
  • DET range : Specific detectors.

Chromatotec supplies complete cabinets with complementary instruments, in-built computer and appropriate accessories into a cabinet with air conditionning in option for accurate and complete compounds detection.

Enginneering Chromatotec proposes you global solutions with integration of automation systems (multiplexer, peripheral equipment, alarms, communication protocols…)