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  • Emergency Response Services

  • Oil Spill Response

    Oil Spill Response

    Clean Harbors Oil Spill Responses Services handles oil and oil related products of all types on land and in water. From fuel, fuel oil to #6 oil and crude, we have resources and expertise to handle any size spill. Our abilities include the deployment of containment hard boom and recovery of product on land and water (skimming, pumps, vacuum trucks). We can also store recovered product (mobile storage tanks, transporters).

  • Chemical & Hazardous Material Spill Response

    Chemical & Hazardous Material Spill Response

    Clean Harbors Chemical and Hazardous Material Response Services handle chemical spills and releases of all types in liquid, solid, semi-solid and gas forms. From immediate response and containment, to cleanup, disposal and remediation, Clean Harbors can handle any size release.

  • Biological & Infectious Agent Response

    Biological & Infectious Agent Response

    Clean Harbors Biological and Infectious Agent Response Services respond to any emergency condition including an infectious substance in a school, cruise ship, hotel or other building, or to disasters resulting from terrorist activity such as an etiological agent.

  • Natural Disaster Response

    Natural Disaster Response

    Clean Harbors Natural Disaster Response Services stands ready to deploy hundreds of experienced 40-hour trained and certified workers to meet the needs of any incident from hurricanes and earthquakes to major storms, floods, mudslides and fires. Whatever the response requires, from Level C through Level A, we handle a wide range of hazardous materials including oil, gasoline, chemical, debris and biological hazards.

  • Emergency Pump-Outs

    Emergency Pump-Outs

    Clean Harbors Emergency Pump-out Services provide fast and efficient clean out of sumps, pits, manholes, tanks and vessels of any size. We handle pump-outs of products at various temperatures, pressures and consistencies, including hazardous and non-hazardous materials in liquid, semi-solid and solid forms. Clean Harbors maintains a variety of pumps to conduct on-site transfer of fuels and chemicals, ranging from 200 gallons per minute to 1,500...

  • Emergency Lab Packing

    Emergency Lab Packing

    Clean Harbors Emergency Lab Packing Services provide immediate response to remove laboratory chemicals in emergency situations. Our chemists identify, categorize, separate, and package chemicals from laboratory spills and fires, and the cleanout of clandestine labs. Clean Harbors technicians handle reactive and oxidizer removal, including inhibitors and on-site stabilization, as well as cylinder and compressed gas management and disposal. Clean...

  • Emergency Waste Disposal

    Emergency Waste Disposal

    Clean Harbors Emergency Waste Disposal Services can dispatch drivers and vehicles to handle virtually any situation requiring immediate waste transportation and disposal, whether it is the result of an emergency, or the result of nearing or exceeding your hazardous waste storage time deadline.

  • Standby Emergency Response Coverage

    Standby Emergency Response Coverage

    By signing up for Clean Harbors Standby Emergency Response Coverage, you have the assurance that your plant, facility or business has the necessary coverage and response should an environmental emergency arise. No one can predict when a spill, accident or disaster will happen, but our customers expect that we be prepared to respond and have a plan of action. We provide emergency response and response readiness effectively handling any size and type of...

  • National Response Coverage Programs

    National Response Coverage Programs

    Throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico, Clean Harbors National Response Coverage Program ensures transportation companies and fleets, companies with multiple locations or that transact business over a wide geographic area have the environmental emergency response coverage they need. By signing up for our National Response Coverage Program you have the assurance that your business has the necessary coverage and response should an environmental...