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  • co2balance in the community case study

    co2balance in the community case study

    Delivering an efficient carbon reduction project is just the start of the process. Education in the community is a key part of the co2 balance strategy for success. Living and working within the communities our education officers help to coach the ...

  • Equality in the home case study

    Equality in the home case study

    A Gold Standard, high quality carbon reduction program, has to deliver significant social and welfare benefits to the community. Our time in the communities has revealed new and surprising additional social change. As is the case in many parts of ...

  • Local chief case study

    Local chief case study

    Working in small communities in remote places co2balance takes a lot of time to understand the local people and work together with them to improve their lives. As a responsible company working within these communities, we need to operate with ...

  • Long term commitment & making a positive contribution case study

    Long term commitment & making a positive contribution case study

    Refreshment Systems Ltd is based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The business was formed in 1968 and now emplys over 100 people supplying and servicing a wide range of vending and catering equipment and associated supplies and services. The ...

  • Special report health case study

    Special report health case study

    co2balance special report on the health effects of indoor smoke pollution from unregulated indoor cook stoves. Pneumonia accounts for nearly one fifth of childhood deaths worldwide, with approximately 2 million children under five dying each year. ...

  • Village savings and loans case study

    Village savings and loans case study

    The African energy efficient stove projects operated by co2balance opened up opportunities for the community to develop sustainable, self supporting local business ventures. The "Kawpek" (meaning ground of difficulty) Community Based Organisation ...

  • Hill dickinson case study

    Hill dickinson case study

    "As an international law firm Hill Dickinson`s greatest asset is its human capital - the talent, experience and creativity of the team." This is not just a statement from the website; this is the essential thinking behind the growth of one of the ...

  • Rock case study

    Rock case study

    ROCK, a long standing client for co2balance, talk about their commitment to put the environment at the heart of their business proposition. Rock have expanded their supply and contractual services from traditional roofing products to the provision ...

  • Team sky case study

    Team sky case study

    BskyB, a long standing client of co2balance have made a bold statement transforming their professional cycling team to highlight their environmental initiatives. Many co2balance customers choose to work with us as part of their overall environmental ...

  • Toshiba case study

    Toshiba case study

    To many business customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint, purchasing a new print solution might not be an obvious choice. Toshiba TEC have confronted this issue head on with an innovative, marketing led offset initiative that sets them ...