Comi Condor S.P.A.

Comi Condor S.P.A.

Comi Condor S.P.A.

COMI CONDOR S.P.A. was design, engineering and manufacturing experience have led the present company to occupy a position of leadership in the Italian and world-wide markets in the production of filtering centrifuges for fine chemicals. Discontinuous vertical and horizontal basket centrifuges (peeler and inverting bag type) for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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Via Volta, 6 , Settimo Milanese , Milan 20019 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Filtration and Separation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

  • Since 1920 COMI CONDOR has expanded considerably until reaching the current leading position in the Italian and world markets, in the discontinuous filtering centrifuges’ field, for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.
  • COMI CONDOR has two plants, one in Settimo Milanese (Milano) and the other in Santa Cristina (Pavia), with a total of around 75 employees.
  • The Settimo Milanese site includes the commercial, administrative, financial, purchasing offices and the mechanical and electronic engineering departments
  • The Santa Cristina factory covers some 6000 m2, with a total site area of 25000 m2.
  • The production site houses all the departments for the production, assembly and testing of the centrifuges.
  • The modern workshop, consisting of a welding department, cleaning and polishing, water jet cutting, machining department equipped with several CNC machines, allows production of high quality and totally controlled.

 The advantages of producing all the parts inside our workshop are:

  • Production times control
  • Supplies in a short time in case of need
  • Quality control (each piece is checked in all the steps of manufacturing; at the end of the production machines are controlled in every detail)

COMI CONDOR is one of the companies which produces a complete range of centrifuges. In particular: horizontal axis 'peeler', inverting filter, vertical axis bottom discharge, vertical axis top discharge. Currently, the COMI CONDOR machines installed around the world are more than 5000.

The software for the process management is developed and produced completely internally, with the following advantages:

  • - More flexibility in software development 'tailored' for the customer
  • - Any variants and software updates during the start-up and production, very quick and easy

The company is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001-2008 and has the certification for some products according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/UE