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  • Additional Equipments

    To complement the downsizing equipment Eldan offer a number of additional equipment. Feeders and buffer silos - all with the purpose of optimizing the material flow through the plants. Cable peeler and shears  - cut or strip the cables. Cracker mill - rubber powder production from rubber granulate.

  • Eldan - Model M16-2 - ACSR Cable Shear

    Eldan - Model M16-2 - ACSR Cable Shear

    If processing ACSR Cable or similar type of cable, the ACSR Shear (M16-2) provides a safe and efficient means of reducing long cable lengths in seconds.. It is simple to load, to operate and to maintain.  The ACSR Shear M16-2 offers a very useful and economic way of preparing solid cables for granulation in a granulation system.

  • Eldan - Model M10 - Alligator Shear (Cable)

    Eldan - Model M10 - Alligator Shear (Cable)

    The cutting power of the Eldan Alligator Shear is 40 ton making it suitable for more demanding materials. The machine is operated by a foot pedal, making it easy to operate. Adjustable gap opening to optimize the cutting. Turnable knifes, i.e. 4 cutting edges, maximize time between knife changes.

  • Eldan - Model M3 / M6 / M6S / M8 - Cable Strippers

    Eldan - Model M3 / M6 / M6S / M8 - Cable Strippers

    The Eldan Cable Stripper is one of those tools that will serve you for years and years. It is a reliable cable peeler, suitable for most cable types including plastic, paper, textile insulated cables, rubber insulated cables, including butile rubber, lead armoured cables and steel armoured cables. It has an adjustable knife for different isolation thicknesses, and interchangeable input bushes for various cable sizes. It also has a fully locked guard...

  • Eldan - Cracker Mill

    Eldan - Cracker Mill

    The Eldan Cracker Mill is the key machine by powder production in Eldan Powder Systems. The Cracker Mill can be used for powder production of rubber originating from basically any type of tyre - e.g. car tyres, truck tyres, OTR tyres, mining truck tyres, van tyres, super singles and agricultural tyres. It consists of 2 parallel individually driven rolls. The rolls counter rotate in different and adjustable speeds (ratio) creating a friction between...

  • Eldan - Model SMV200 / SMV400 - Silos

    Eldan - Model SMV200 / SMV400 - Silos

    Eldan Recycling offer a few different silos to optimize operation and enhance throughput throughout the plant. The Buffer Silo (BFS5) is often located between the Super Chopper and the Rasper. It balances the output from the Super Chopper to the input rate of the Rasper. It is a 5 m3 Silo with slatted steel conveyor belt. It has a heavy rotating flail to control the feed rate.

  • Eldan - Model CTF25 / TTF10 - Tyre Feeders

    Eldan - Model CTF25 / TTF10 - Tyre Feeders

    Two types of Eldan tyre feeders are available depending of which type of tyre needs to be fed. The Car Tyre Feeder (CTF25) has a feeding capacity of approx. 5,0-6,0 ton of car tyres per production hour. The Truck Tyre Feeder (TTF10) has a feeding capacity approx. 5,0-6,0 ton of truck tyres per production hour, and can contain approx. 10 truck tyres per at the time. After the tyre feeder the tyres fall down onto a transport conveyor which take them to...