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Welcome to the website of Euraqua Europe, the B2B partner for water treatment solutions for residential and industrial markets. With over 25 years experience in the industry, Euraqua Europe has been supplying both complete systems and component parts to companies specialising in the field of water treatment throughout the continent of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Water is at the heart of everything we do and think. And this has been the case since our company was founded in 1975. We have specialised in all forms of water treatment since the early days.
Our integration in the Pollet Water Group – which is still a family-held group - ensures that we can fully focus on our core business. The Pollet Water Group assures all additional activities such as ICT, marketing, sourcing, etc. Thanks to our strong financial foundation, we are also sufficiently armed to take on and successfully complete large capital intensive projects.   
Euraqua grew rapidly as a consequence of its integration in the Pollet Water Group: from € 4 million to € 20 million turnover and from 11 to 45 employees. The demand for specialised and high-technological water treatment is continuously increasing; as a result we look to the future with great confidence.

Quality service for pure water
Guaranteeing pure water in the most challenging circumstances requires a high quality service. At Euraqua we can provide this service thanks to the expertise of our employees, an extensive stock of 15,000 m² of components and spare parts and - last but not least – by selecting only the best suppliers. They provide the building blocks for our work.
An arsenal of water specialists
Next to Euraqua the Pollet Water Group also has fourteen other independent water specialists. Within the Pollet Water Group, we work with knowledge centres so that Euraqua can make available the right solution for every 'water challenge' or, in some cases, develops and implements a custom solution. Euraqua is your personal and expert contact; behind the scenes you can rely on the expertise of an amazing team of water specialists.
The greater the challenge...
Euraqua’s greatest strength lies in the years of expertise and level of specialisation of our employees. Their motivation and determination to bring every project to a successful conclusion are the best possible guarantee for quality. The greater the challenge, the more our people like it. We continuously invest in the training of our employees so that they keep abreast of the latest technical developments. Next to this we also regularly organise training sessions for our customers so they have the necessary knowledge to bring a project to a successful conclusion for their end customer.
Everything is immediately at hand
Euraqua continuously invests in a comprehensive stock of components and spare parts for its customers. Because of this we are a one stop shop, which our foreign customers especially appreciate. Our large stock of parts moreover plays a major role in the rapid and timely delivery of our projects. Finally our large parts warehouse allows us to promptly intervene in case of problems, which obviously is of great importance for water treatment installations, which are operational 24/7.
The best suppliers
Over the years Euraqua has selected a limited group of suppliers. We have been working together with these specialised companies for several years to develop and fine-tune our integrated solutions. Each of these companies are reputable companies, which only supply A brands.
Focus on our professional B-2-B customers
Euraqua exclusively focuses on business-to-business markets and never sells directly to private individuals or industrial end users. Our company name or brands tend to shun the spotlight; the focus should be on our customers instead. At residential level we develop private label water treatment systems. At industrial level, however, we implement integrated projects, together with and/or on behalf of our customers, as well as building water treatment systems that (can be) are part of larger production or other systems. Our customers range from local water treatment companies to some of the largest systems integrators and multinational industrial groups.    
Water does not stop at borders, and neither do we
These days global water challenges transcend national borders. Euraqua makes available its know-how in countries where the Pollet Water Group has a branch: from the former Eastern Bloc countries to outer Siberia in Russia, in the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States and even in the territory of the former Yugoslav Republic. No destination is too far, and nothing is impossible.