Farid Industrie SPA

Farid Industrie SPA

Farid Industrie SPA

Farid is one of the most important manufacturers of waste compacting machines globally. Following a series of mergers and take-overs Farid has strengthened its position in terms of quality and quantity and now offers a product range which has no equal in Europe, ranging from satellite vehicles to mini-compactors, traditional and automatic compactors and street sweepers.

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Via Moncalieri 109, Loc. Tetti Caglieri , Vinovo , Turin 10048 Italy
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An industrial growth curve in constant development, from its launch in 1929. A company based on ideas, values and culture, but above all people. A vocation for exports and a stable presence in more than 30 countries. Farid Industrie, one of the leading manufacturers of waste compacting equipment and jetting systems globally, has more than 550 employees, with four production sites in Italy and two abroad (the U.K. and Venezuela).
The Group comprises a number of highly integrated associate companies committed to pursuing an increasing level of synergy. It is a consolidated benchmark on the Italian and foreign markets.


In Farid Industrie people are the core focus: each individual plays a vital role and contributes to the progress of the group. Team spirit is considered a fundamental value which is crucial to achieving ambitious new, goals. The Group aims to deliver concrete results which fully meet its clients’ needs.

Farid Industrie is a company that aims to and is capable of learning from others. Our export expertise enables us not only to give, but also to receive, learning from the know-how present in other countries and on other markets, and thus forging best practices based on the best of situations we encounter.

The FARID Group, which includes Farid Industrie S.p.A (with the Farid, Brivio and Moro divisions), Farid UK Ltd., Farid de Venezuela CA, Farid Comercia Sro, Farid Ros Roca Srl, wants to be a company that is:

  • profitable
  • that provides reliable products that respect the environment, health and safety at the work place
  • that provides services of excellence to its customers at reasonable prices
  • that respects the environment, involving the stakeholders
  • is based on a single integrated organisation
  • consists of skilled individuals that are proud to be a part of it
To create value, the shared budget goals must be reached.
In particular, we want to become faster in making and implementing decisions, be focused on product and structure costs while minimising waste, increase productive efficiency, reduce absenteeism under the benchmark parameters and always saturate productive capacity in order to reduce the hourly fabrication cost.

that provides reliable products that respect the environment and health and safety at the work place
We want to increase equipment reliability so that they are recognised as being the most reliable in the sector, maintaining our focus on technological innovation and the market, guaranteeing good performance in comparison to the competition. We want to define methods and technologies for measuring reliability and its improvement. We want place particular attention on the management of our strategic suppliers and the development of these relationships.

We intend to operate in compliance with the applicable requirements regarding the environment and health and safety at work, and in particular to:
  • pursue the reduction of our impact on the environment in the consumption of energy and water resources, the constant attention to our plants' emissions to the atmosphere and to reducing the production of waste;
  • minimise and eliminate, where possible, the major risks generated by our productive processes
that provides services of excellence
We want to excel in all services related to our products and develop, in particular, the activities related to the supply of spare parts, the service network in Italy and above all abroad, customer care and scheduled maintenance contracts.

to its final customers
The customers are customers of the entire company and of each of us: those who ultimately count and on whom we want to focus our attention are the users of our equipment; we consider the distributors and authorised workshops as being a part of our organisation.

at reasonable prices
We want to be able to sell products and services for what they are worth, also considering the increase in reliability that we must obtain. Prices depend on the conditions of various markets, on our position in them, both currently and prospectively: different markets have different prices. We want to improve the professionalism of our service technicians in trouble shooting operations, in order to keep warranty and maintenance costs down. We always want to place greater attention on the product lifecycle cost.

that respects the environment, involving the stakeholders
We want to adopt and promote the diffusion of proper behaviour among our stakeholders in order to reach our objectives, by integrating environmental management into all company process, into the development of a business that is sustainable over the long term.
We want to use energy and natural resources in the most efficient manner by involving our employees and making them responsible for environmental results, creating an open and transparent dialogue with all involved parties

through a single integrated organisation
There is a single organisation with a single top management team, with clear objectives that are shared by all. It includes first of all the managers and employees of Farid Industrie (including secondary offices and divisions), the branches, subsidiaries, distributors and authorised workshops.

that consists of skilled individuals that are proud to be a part of it
We are aware that every company activity represents the synthesis of a great amount of work on a group level, and we want for company results to be shared with the management and all employees.
We want that all of the organisation's employees become expert and skilled individuals who are proud to be a part of it.

It is our commitment to define ambitious objectives and goals that are always measurable and of common domain.

The origins of Farid are closely linked to Orecchia & Scavarda S.p.A., a time honoured Fiat and Iveco dealership based in Turin. With its vocation for commercial vehicles, in 1963 the company set up Orecchia & Co., which started out constructing box bodies, vans, refrigerated trucks and dumper trucks for the building industry.

Several years later, at the beginning of the seventies, Farid (the company name we know today), was acquired.
After starting out as a general bodybuilding company manufacturing vehicle bodies, trailers and transporters, in the mid-eighties it began specialising in all types of waste collection and recycling collection vehicles.
At that time the Italian market for solid waste collection equipment was highly fragmented, unlike in the rest of Europe; and the company needed to develop rapidly in order to reach a critical mass which would enable it to implement a more international approach to Global markets. This began to happen in 1994, with the launch of a consolidation strategy which involved purchasing other companies in the sector (Antonicelli, Valle Teiro, and Brivio).

In 1998 Moro Teveico spa was acquired, and so in 2009 Allestimenti Pompe Moro spa, which is sold in 2014.
In 2013 Heil European subsidiary was acquired and merged with Farid UK ltd. From this union Heil Farid ltd was born, a producer that manufactures and distributes, especially in the UK market, over 250 compactors.

Today, Farid is a large Italian industrial group specialising in the production of municipal cleaning and collection vehicles, which are suitable to fulfill all modern day operational requirements.
Moreover, thanks to its seven 'in house' After Sales Service Centres and a comprehensive network of appointed workshops in Italy and overseas, Farid provides extensive technical support to end-users of its equipment, as well as delivering high-level servicing, repair and maintenance and breakdown support for efficient and cost effective fleet management.

With over 600 employees based in three plants in Italy and two overseas, the Farid Group is now one of the leading forward thinking companies in this sector.