Junker-Filter GmbH

Junker-Filter GmbH

Junker-Filter has been creating `tailor made` innovative filter concepts for solid/liquid and dust filtration for over 50 years. Our objective is to offer individual solutions of high product quality, and we have many international partners in several industrial areas. Our customers` requirements drive our future developments in order to increase your productivity and to improve environmental protection. Junker Filter offers a wide range of service and maintenance works around filter technology. We are the best contact, no matter whether you are planning new filter concepts or improving existing filter systems.

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Carl-Benz-Strasse 11 , Sinsheim , D-74889 Germany

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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)
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We number well-known companies among our longterm and continuous growing customer base from the following industries.

  • Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Food processing industry and beverages
  • Power generation and dust seperation
  • Steel + Metal + Metallurgy
  • Automotive industry
  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment
  • Recycling

Intensive research and development characterizes our work, whereby the existent chain of custody continue to develop procedual and new products supplement the actual product portfolio. Of particular importance are

  • tailor-made filter concepts for state-of-the-art dust filtration our contribution to the maintenance of a clean environment
  • implementation of practical concepts and new technologies in solid-/liquid separation as well as in residue treatment
  • new development of the patent-registered system 'BEGA' = Biological-Electrical Gas Cleaner, which sets a new procedual standard for reducing odors and for the degradation performance of VOC


  • Flexibility
  • Know-how
  • continous innovation
  • uncompromising quality


In 1956 Mr. Adolf Junker founded the one-man company Junker Filter in a 20 m² sized room.Knowledge about filtration did not exist. Learning from literature was not possible, as there were no files.

With a borrowed sewing machine operated by food, the one-man business produced the first filters.Unbending volition, inventiveness and commitment arround the clock were essential to protect the survival of the company.

1960 - 1968

In the 60s filtration was an inevitable evil, even though cement manufacture causes environmental impacts at all stages of the process. These included emissions of airborne pollution in the form of dust and gases.

Focusing on cement-/ and gypsum industry as target markets, Junker Filter startet to supply filter bags.

In the mid 60s factory size was 80 m² and 5 staff members were employed.

1969 - 1976

Strong economic growth since the 2nd world war and an increased environmental consciousness in the first half year of 1970s, allowed Junker Filter a continuous growth.

Production area became too small and a building plot with 5.214 m² was bought.

In the year 1971 the company moved into the new building in Sinsheim. Already in 1976 a further expansion took place and at the end of the year the company represented approx.
893 m2 and 20 employees.

1984 - 1987

Junker Filter continued to grow in the 80s. Investement for the development of 1.820 m² were made, with the objective to provide 42 permanent posts by the end of 1987.


In the baby-boom generations 1984/1985 the company started with training of young people.

Over the years Junker Filter developped to a recognized apprenticing company of the chamber of commerce and industry. Today approx. 8 - 10 % of total employees are trainees.


Since 1985 the company is active in research and development in the area of adsorption technique.Junker Filter developped a product for the automotive industry for pollution control of pneumatic feed line and brake systems, for trucks and later on cars. In the following years, this new development supported growth of > 20 % per year.

1988 - 1989

During the planning period for the next expansion stage the founder of the company Adolf Junker unexpectedly passed away. His son Jürgen Junker assumed responsibility for the company.

Neighbouring building plots were bought and production area was expanded to 4.493 m².


By using state-of-the-art production equipment, such as Lasercutter, Tubinglines etc., the core business - component manufacturer for textile filtermedia - was continously expanded.

1996Extension of headquater


Junker Filter enforces its research activities and extends the R&D field amongst others through cooperation with technical universities. Own intensive R&D and the participation in a 'cluster' resulted in:

  • procedual enhancement of existing custody of products
  • improved textile filter media for dustfiltration and solid-liquid separation
  • strategic expansion of new business fields, to mention the own developped BEGA procedure (Bio-Electrical-Gas-Cleaner)
  • membership in several organizational structures


Decision was made for an in-house mechanical engineering with the primary objective to plan, build and install equipment for own needs.

A solid in-house mechanical engineering developped and the machine concepts of Junker Filter meanwhile are offered and sold to cooperation partners and interested parties.

May 2007

A further step towards diversificaton and strategic expansion of new business fields, was made may 2007 by the acquisition of Casaprotect Wassertechnik GmbH.

2007 - 2008

Enforced cooperation with world wide operating OEM's supported growth in the export business. Participation in international trade fairs increased the international market presence and pushed the 'globalisation' of the company.

Beginning 2008 the corporate decision was made to develop the Sinsheim location, to allow further expansion.

The new production halls will be build with a new energy network system - no use of fossil fuels.


On January 29th, 2009 Junker Filter obtains the certificate ISO 9001 : 2008, for a successful establishement and appliance of a Quality Management System for development, production and sales of industry-filters.

Mai 2009

As a group of companies in the aera of environmental technique, Junker Filter faces its responsibility for clima protection for the next generation.

In May 2009 the construction work starts for a new innovate energy system with,

  • geothermal energy
  • photovoltaics
  • heat recovery
  • heat insulation measures

Due to completely resigning from fossil fuels, the new energy system supports the reduction of CO2 emission and even more garanties the sustainability of this invest.

Mai 2010

As the capacity of the available space for production, logistic and stocking facilities is completely utilized no further expansion is possible. Therefore in May 2010 construction work for expanding the building concept starts

  • construction of a new production hall with approx. 1.450 m²
  • construction of a new logistic hall with approx. 1.200 m²

Concept of both halls is designed for use as a production facility.

February 2012

For the first time after the successfull implementation of the quality management system in the year 2009 and the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008, the first complete audit was due by TÜV Süd Management Service GmbH, in order to obtain the recertification. A 4 days audit has proofen that Junker Filter has taken in and life the QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.