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Kaiser AG

KAISER AG has established a strong position in international markets as a leading manufacturer of mobile walking excavators and vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal. KAISER AG is a family-owned company based in Liechtenstein. Founded in 1913, the company has evolved to become an international industrial enterprise with sites in Liechtenstein, Italy, Finland, Austria, Slovakia and USA. The company’s main products are vehicles for sewer cleaning and industrial disposal, pumps and components, and mobile walking excavators. Today, KAISER vehicles are deployed on five continents, in 116 countries and well over 1,000 cities. The company is a leading player in the international market where it enjoys a greater presence than ever before.

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Vorarlbergerstrasse 220 , Schaanwald , LI-9486 Liechtenstein

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Water and Wastewater - Sewer Cleaning
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Globally (various continents)

Our Strength as a Company

Family-run business with social responsibility
The foundations for KAISER AG were laid back in 1913. CEO Markus Kaiser is the third generation to run the business. The clear ownership structure across the entire group guarantees sustainable strategic development. Reliability in our relationships with customers and a strong sense of social responsibility are important entrepreneurial principles.

Technology as Core Competence
The availability of key competencies within the company is a fundamental part of corporate strategy. KAISER’s products excel with their high technological autonomy. Consequently, the technology and development department plays a key role within the company. The large number of development and design engineers enables in-depth coverage of various areas of technological competence.

Professional customer contacts

KAISER attaches great importance to professional consulting and customer care. Our customers can rely on experienced and technically accomplished employees. Professionalism in direct customer contact takes top priority.

Selling a product marks a beginning and not an end: we accompany and support our customers so they can fully exploit the potential of our vehicles. We aspire to enthral them with our KAISER products and services.

100 Years of Innovation. 100 Years of Kaiser.

A book about our history
When marking our milestone birthday in 2013, our first aim was to take advantage of this opportunity for a more in-depth look at our past and also to document it. This was the context which gave rise to the idea of the book. As a result of our collaboration with the author and historian Veronika Marxer as part of our team in Schaanwald over an 18-month period, a work has been created which vividly tells the story of how the company developed from a small workshop operation to become an international industrial enterprise.