Koch-Glitsch, LP

Koch-Glitsch, LP

Koch-Glitsch is a global leader in the design and manufacture of mass transfer, mist elimination, and liquid-liquid coalescing equipment for the refining, chemical, petrochemical, and gas processing industries, and more. Koch-Glitsch is an ISO 9001-2008 certified global organization. Its Quality Management System is based on the effective participation of every employee. The focus is on long-term success through customer satisfaction. Our wide range of products and associated services are available worldwide through our global network of strategically located manufacturing, warehousing, and engineering facilities.

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4111 E. 37th Street North , Wichita , KS 67220 USA
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Air Filtration
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Globally (various continents)
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Koch-Glitsch was formed in 1997 with the acquisition of selected assets of Glitsch, Inc. by Koch Engineering Company, Inc. It is the best of both Koch Engineering and Glitsch, Inc. with a continuing commitment to providing value-added products to our customers.

Koch-Glitsch has three major business areas:

  • Mass transfer technology
  • Separations technology
  • Specialty plant services

For emergency replacement of trays, packings, and internals, Koch-Glitsch is your best choice to minimize downtime.

Our application engineers can provide process studies and simulations to provide the best solutions to maximize your unit performance.

Our application specialists know mass transfer and mist elimination and have specific expertise regarding our customers' businesses and processes.

Eta Process Plant designs and supplies package plant solutions for gas scrubbing and odor removal plants, distillation units, and applications using engineered plastics in addition to traditional metal materials of construction.

With innovative thinking, practical knowledge, and tremendous depth and breadth of experience, we are among the industry's leaders in our commitment to research and development to help answer the challenges of this century.

Koch-Glitsch is a Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC company that serves the refining, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Koch-Glitsch offers one-stop shopping for many customers because of the related product lines of our affiliated companies. Diagnostic scans, combustion burners, modular mass transfer skids, and heat transfer products are just a few of the many products available from other companies within Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC. 

Quality certifications

Our quality program monitors and directs business processes to deliver a 100% first pass yield by actively eliminating defects and waste.
  • First part and in-process inspections are performed to assure that product is built to design specifications. 
  • Final inspections on partial or full assemblies are performed to ensure dimensional conformance and proper fit-up with distributor flow testing as required.
The Koch-Glitsch Quality leaders of each facility form the Global Quality Council (GQC) and meet monthly to discuss current issues relating to process, product and customer feedback.  The GQC:
  • Establishes and maintains global Quality standards and procedures
  • Identifies resource requirements
  • Facilitates knowledge sharing
  • Ensures global implementation of best practices
  • Identifies action items that drive continuous improvement of processes, product and customer relations. 
Koch-Glitsch, as a global organization, is “Working together to be our Customer’s first choice” by providing quick, accurate response to customer needs and placing the highest priority on providing the highest quality products and services while maintaining close working relationships with each of its customers.

Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
Created in 1982, OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs recognize facilities that show excellence in occupational safety and health. OSHA’s goal, through VPP, is to partner with management and labor for a safer and healthier work environment through active employee involvement and management commitment. Participants’ illness and injury rates must be below the industry average for at least three years to qualify for Star status.

Employees at Koch-Glitsch LP’s Wichita, Dallas, and Houston sites have achieved Star status in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) for “sustained excellence in all areas of your [Koch-Glitsch’s] safety and health management system.”

Wichita received its certification in 2004 (recertified in 2007), followed by Dallas in 2006, and Houston in 2008. A sister company, Koch Specialty Plant Services, Inc., is the first specialty contractor in its industry to achieve OSHA VPP Star Mobile Workforce status in June 2008.

The average VPP worksite has a lost workday incidence rate 52% below the average for its industry. Koch-Glitsch, LP’s average injury rate is 91% below the national average for its industry.