Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme GmbH

Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme GmbH

Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme GmbH is a world-wide acting company in the field of manufacturing of disposal systems, spezialised in collecting, transporting, sorting and compacting waste and/or reusable raw materials of any kind. By taking over the 1985 founded company Sutco Recycling GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiaries in Poland in the year 2003, L&M continues its successful business development.

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Essener Strasse 13 , Meppen , D-49716 Germany


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Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme design, construct and implement efficient and trend-setting systems for disposal engineering. A wide range of most different machines and systems for the entire waste disposal industry are produced on six sites in four European countries with more than 450 staff members.

Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme was founded in 1991 by Heinz Ludden and Peter Mennekes and experienced an expansive development of the company in the course of years.

Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme combine all core competences of innovative technology for returning recyclable material to industrial cycle. The company presents itself as a competent contact for all issues of pressing technology, in particular after the acquisition of the channel baling press business field.

For the area of sorting technology and waste treatment the Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH & Co.KG, taken over by Ludden & Mennekes Entsorgungs-Systeme in 2003, is an ideal and experienced partner. Together, the Ludden & Mennekes group of companies is an efficient partner and can cover a wide product portfolio.

Highest accuracy in the planning of future-oriented projects, due-date reliability as well a complete and region-wide service are requirements for a long-term and successful cooperation with the customers. For the L&M Group creativity is the way to an objective and not the task of a department. Therefore, the competence and the experience of the engineers can be relied upon absolutely for the implementation of complex projects.

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About 170 staff members work in our management and production in our Meppen site. To comply with our quality commitment in the future, we assume the responsibility. We provide training in four professions for qualified junior staff.

We manufacture our products on the basis of quality management.

Whatever problems you have to solve, we can promise you the following:

  • Competence and experience of our our technical engineers in the implementation of complex projects
  • Highest precision in the planning of future-oriented projects
  • Compliance with deadlines from the planning to the implementation of the project
  • Extensive and country-wide service

We understand creativity as a way to an objective and not as the task of a department.

LUDDEN & MENNEKES ENTSORGUNGS - SYSTEME GMBH is a worldwide operating company in the area of the production and installation of systems for the entire waste industry and has been specialized in the collection, transport, sorting and compaction of waste and recyclable raw materials of all types.

Since the SutcoRecyclingTechnik GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1985, and their affiliates in Poland were taken over in 2003, L&M has continued the successful and trend-setting business development.

In addition to the established L&M Pressing technology, the Sutco plant engineering field-proven for years completed the L&M machine and plant offers which have already been successful nationwide.

The headquarter, the Meppen site, also includes the centre of family-run Ludden & Mennekes group (LM GROUP) of companies. Here, more than 160 staff members work in production and administration. More than four hundred highly qualified staff members stand for the successful work of the two companies.

Highest quality requirements, advanced technical equipment for the production processes such as robot-based welding technology are of major importance like the CAD-based designs. We manufacture our products on the basis of quality management.

The term „After Sales Service“ is used in all companies of the group not only to mean maintenance and inspection of plants but also the storing of spare parts for certain periods.

In European and non-European countries authorized dealers or joint venture partners represent the companies of the group and organize the required After-Sales Service by trained personnel.

The LM GROUP) continues its successful and trend-setting business development on this basis, among others shown by the continuous and modest expansion of the companies in the group.