Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Ruf Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

When Hans Ruf introduced his first briquette press in 1985 and sold it to a wood processing plant, people didn’t yet know how residual materials in production could be made efficient use of. Today, approx. 35 years later, RUF Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG is the world market leader for hydraulic briquette presses and is considered to be a pioneer in briquetting. The company is now managed by the second generation of the founding family – sons Roland and Wolfgang Ruf. More than 100 employees develop and manufacture modular briquetting machines and solutions to produce briquettes from wood, metal and other residues. On a production site that now spreads across 13,000 m² in Zaisertshofen (Bavaria), more than 10,000 pressing tests have been conducted and more than 5,000 briquetting machines manufactured, which are in use in more than 100 countries.

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Hausener Str. 101 , Zaisertshofen , 86874 Germany


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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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More than 5,000 briquette presses sold in over 100 countries make RUF the world market leader in hydraulic briquetting machines. With RUF briquette presses, a wide variety of materials, such as metal, aluminium, wood, biomass and other residual materials can be pressed into high-quality briquettes. We can offer you a tailor-made briquetting system that meets your needs precisely, taking into account the material to be used, the required throughput and the production conditions. Our experts are available at all times to offer you support – from planning, assembly and commissioning right through to servicing and maintenance.

Briquetting. Utilising residues. Increasing revenues.

The advantages of briquetting are just as diverse as the materials that can be pressed – by reducing volume, you not only save space, time and costs for handling, storage and transport, you also earn higher revenues! Get the maximum benefit from your residues – with a custom-made briquetting machine from RUF – 100 % Power made in Germany.

RUF briquetting machines: 100 % Power made in Germany for more than 35 years!

Preserving value. Adding value.

As a leading supplier of hydraulic briquette presses, sustainability is at the heart of the machine manufacturing operations of our Bavarian family company. The long service life and the low level of wear and tear of our briquette presses help to conserve resources and also vouch for our high quality standards.

Facts & figures:

  • 1969 Hans Ruf founds a company providing services to the forestry industry
  • 1982 Patenting of the first briquette press for organic residues
  • 1988 Sale of the first metal press
  • 1994 Construction of a 1,700 m² hall for the manufacture
  • 1997 Start of series production of briquette presses for small-scale processing
  • 1998 500 briquette presses supplied to more than 56 countries
  • 2004 Construction of and move into new office building and new production and warehouse halls
  • 2004 Founding of the subsidiary RUF UK
  • 2008 Expansion of the production area to 13,000m²
  • 2008 Founding of the subsidiary RUF US
  • 2010 Founding of the subsidiary RUF SE
  • 2012 Sale of the 3,000th briquette press, Ruf now supplies more than 100 countries
  • 2015 More than 100 employees
  • 2016 Running of the business taken over by the founder’s sons, Roland and Wolfgang Ruf
  • 2018 Sale of the 4,500th briquette press
  • 2018 Acquisition of C.F. Nielsen A/S, with headquarters in Baelum, Denmark
  • 2018 Ruf conduct their 10,000th pressing test
  • 2019 50th anniversary of RUF
  • 2019 5,000th sold briquetting machine


RUF briquetting systems: innovative, individual, international.

Being a machine builder and the market leader in the field of briquetting, the Ruf GmbH & Co. KG has successfully been specialising in the development and production of briquetting presses for 30 years now. We deliver customers throughout Germany and in over 100 countries worldwide with innovative and individual solutions for briquetting all manner of materials.

100% 'Power made in Germany'

As the leading provider of systematic briquetting solutions sustainability is at the focus of our machine manufacturing Bavarian family businness. A long service life and the low degree of wear and tear both conserve resources and vouch for our high quality standards. Evident in everything from the precise assembly of individual components to the robust design and construction: RUF machines are built for heavy-duty tasks, operating around the clock. 

Everything under one roof 

We are a full service provider, delivering comprehensive, expert advice and support for all aspects of briquetting – from consulting and the planning of your specific briquette solution, through to construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and inspection of your new equipment.


„Behind every machine is a human being. 
Behind RUF briquetting equipment are people who create added value.“
Hans Ruf, company founder


RUF briquetting systems are the key to sucessful, long-term eco-efficiency. Satisfied customers throughout Germany and in over 100 countries around the world give evidence of this. Yet sustainability already starts within our own company. Nearly 90 employees at our factory in Bavaria work with it every day: Our company's photovoltaic system produces more energy than we need for production.


At RUF, you will not only find the right briquetting system for your business, but you will always have a competent contact person who will be happy to offer personal, individual advice – even after you have purchased the briquetting equipment. After all, your satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee this with our many years of experience and demand-led solutions.


Our philosophy, which we put into practice everyday, is one of retaining and increasing value; it is complemented by 'Power made in Germany!' a very special assurance of quality we give our customers, which guarantees thatRUF briquetting systems are tailor-made up to the smallest detail by our highly skilled workers. The long service life of our machines is complemented by our high vertical manufacturing integration. Our huge stock of spare parts and our great flexibility ensure that your downtime is kept to a minimum.


We manufacture exclusively at our German facilities in Zaisertshofen, Bavaria. Of our stock of spare parts, all parts for RUF equipment are available from our inhouse design and parts manufacturing facilities – even for machines that have been in service for more than 25 years. As your single-source partner, we are able to react quickly to your requirements and guarantee a consistently high standard of quality.

RUF production steps at a glance:

  • Laser cutting
  • Sheetmetal work
  • Specialist welding operation
  • Control systems
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Milling shop
  • Paint shop
  • Stock of spare parts
  • Assembly
  • Quality assurance
  • Technical department
  • Test press
  • Belt Saws
  • Paletting Robots


'Authorized Economic Operator'

The AEO certification attests the reliability, liquidity and the fulfillment of certain safety standards as well as the compliance to relevant laws.

After the successful completion of inspection by the customs authorities and the confirmation, that all the detailed requirements had been fulfilled, RUF was awarded the certification. Ruf GmbH & Co. KG has received the AEO-certificate, which helps to accelerate the customs clearance - an important argument for the company Ruf with an export share of more than 70%.

The AEO-certification offers numerous advantages, especially for urgent consignment of goods like spare parts or the shipment into countries with laborious customs regulations.

Creating Added Value.

'RUF machines create added value and sustainable profit.' Hans Ruf, Company Founder

The value of residues such as wood, metal shavings, swarfs and sludges, biomass, paper, textiles or styrofoam can be raised significantly by briquetting. RUF hydraulic briquetting systems are designed to compact loose material and turn them into a form that can easily be stacked and recycled: the ideal alternative to costly disposal of production residues!

Briquette. Save money. Gain benefits.

  • save space, time and costs for handling, storage and transportation
  • save on the purchase of raw materials, minimise disposal costs and ultimately reduce personnel costs
  • enjoy a significant, quantifiable gain since briquettes also command a higher price and are much more marketable

We want your company to profit as much from sustainability as our environment. RUF briquetting systems offer a great deal of benefits. 

We are happy to advise you how to

  • create more benefit from residues 
  • save costs
  • increase revenue


Maximum Benefit.

Minimum Effort.

Make the most of your residues. With a customised briquetting solution, the cost is minimal!

  • hydraulic compacting process
  • easy installation, modular system
  • requires very little space
  • energy-efficient operation
  • low degree of wear and tear
  • extremely reliable
  • automatic, unsupervised 24-hour operation possible
  • direct integration into existing production processes
  • automatic compensation for different bulk densities
  • compact design
  • low electrical power requirement compared with briquetting performance

A Rich Palette of Value

Wood, metal, biomass and many more: The range of materials we process into briquettes is as varied as life itself. This intriguing insight is our motivation for driving technological innovation forward and allows us to constantly add new materials to the list of those which can be meaningfully recycled.

More than 40 years of experience in the briquetting industry is a solid base from which to satisfy every customer‘s requirements. As far as we are concerned, the cycle of value is only complete when we have developed a solution with which you, the customer, are entirely satisfied.

Compress. Recycle. Improve.

Wood is a natural product. Briquetting changes only the form, not the content. Wood is and remains wood. Even better – as a valuable source of energy, RUF briquettes have an even higher commercial value and an optimal CO2 balance.

RUF machines are hydraulically powered, which ensures that the wood waste is compressed under high pressure into briquettes of uniform size and hardness – without the need for binders. So even after briquetting, wood remains exactly what it is – a pure natural product.

Compressed wood burns at high temperatures, ensuring that a more even combustion process takes place. This results in a number of benefits: briquettes burn longer, more efficiently and produce less ash. The energy content and combustion behaviour of a high-density briquette equates approximately to that of lignite. The circle closes and a natural cycle is complete; wood briquettes only return as much CO2 to the atmosphere as is absorbed by a growing tree through photosynthesis.

If the material requires any kind of pre-treatment such as drying or crushing, the effort involved is significantly lower than with alternative methods of compaction. This results in considerable savings in production costs.

For many years, the majority of organic matter created by humans, animals and plants was viewed as a waste disposal problem. In light of increasingly scarce resources, a gradual rethink of the situation came about. Biomass is now playing an increasingly important role in the field of renewable energies.

Most organic materials can be transformed into compact, naturally pure briquettes possessing excellent calorific value by means of the RUF equipment‘s compaction process. The sale of briquettes to private individuals is also an additional, lucrative source of income. Both the environment and the company profit in equal measure. Compacting dust into briquettes not only reduces the risk of explosion but also significantly simplifies the logistics involved. In the agriculture sector, the cost-efficient production of feed as well as the ease of handling hay and straw are key economic factors.

Valuable Recycling Technology

Briquettes make an economically and ecologically valuable contribution to your corporate environmental management system. Multifunctional RUF briquetting equipment is distinguished by its innovative processing technique - the crucial requirement necessary for converting metallic residues into valuable secondary raw materials. The energy required for briquetting is just a small fraction of the amount that can be saved in follow-up costs.

Metal shavings, swarf and sludges which are produced in steelmaking, in foundries or in the metal-working industry can be profitably reclaimed. RUF machines take care of the complete process of draining off water, de-oiling and briquetting.

Benefits of briquettes over chips:

  • reclaim expensive cutting fluid
  • higher melting yield
  • greater yield of valuable metal 
  • significant volume reduction    
  • considerable savings in storage and transportation costs
  • higher profits thanks to briquettes
  • positive evaluation in environmental audits

Hidden Value

It’s a numbers game! Those who work economically with the resources at their disposal know that even the smallest particle is part of a large profit. This is not necessarily about financial gain alone. Safety is a further important factor in many recycling management processes.

When disposing of banknotes, banks use briquetting systems to exclude any risk of “recycling” after the banknotes have been shredded. Polyurethane (PU), an insulating material, is reclaimed from old refrigerators and enjoys a useful second life in the form of “safety briquettes” – following a road accident, they are used to absorb oil spilled onto the carriageway.

Even the finest particles of dust take on new properties in compressed form: due to the binding and compaction of the particles, the risk of explosion is considerably reduced.


Wood briquetts with the famous logo stamp are known as 'RUF briquette' and as such extremely popular all over the world. They stand for premium quality and excellent fire behaviour. As a manufacturer of wood briquettes you will certainly profit from this bestseller as RUF briquettes ensure a consistantly high demand and long term profitability.