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  • Climate - Carbon Offset Verification

    Recognized as an expert in environmental certification for nearly 30 years, SCS Global Services has become a world leader in the verification of carbon offset projects. We independently verify carbon offsets associated with the following categories: forests, land use, landfills, livestock, and elimination of ozone depleting substances. Our carbon offset verification team brings its expertise in field forestry, biometrics, and verification to the global carbon market, with a commitment to sci

  • Forest & Land Use Carbon Offset Verification

    Forest & Land Use Carbon Offset Verification

    Generate tradable carbon credits for your forest carbon and land-use carbon offset projects that are credible, transparent, and tradable in global carbon markets. SCS Global Services is a globally recognized verifier of forest and land-use carbon offset projects, with notable expertise in REDD and Improved Forest Management projects.

  • Landfill, Livestock, and ODS Carbon Offset Verification

    Landfill, Livestock, and ODS Carbon Offset Verification

    Develop carbon credits through your landfill gas, ozone depleting substances (ODS), and livestock offset projects that are credible, transparent, and tradable in global carbon markets. SCS Global Services is globally recognized as a verifier of carbon offset projects. SCS is ISO 14065 accredited to offer landfill carbon offset project verification under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Climate Action Reserve (CAR). SCS will soon be...

  • Food and Agriculture

    We help leaders in the food and agricultural sector - including producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and restaurants - guarantee product quality, enhance your brand, and build customer loyalty. Working at the forefront of sustainability, we combine innovation with rigorous science to ensure that your food and agricultural products, as well as those of suppliers, meet the highest standards of food safety, quality, flavor and nutrition.

  • Antioxidant Superfood Certification

    Antioxidant Superfood Certification

    Drive sales by demonstrating the exceptional antioxidant levels in your fresh foods, prepared foods, and beverage products. Antioxidant Superfood certification is a groundbreaking program reserved exclusively for foods and beverages that deliver the essential antioxidants consumers need every day to reap important health benefits. This unique certification, backed by the latest published research on traditional diets, reinforces the vital role that...

  • Sustainability Services

    We're working with forward-thinking companies, agencies, and institutions around the globe to support corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental initiatives and help identify pragmatic sustainability solutions. From sustainability branding to life cycle assessment, from supply chain scorecards to vendor management databases, we deliver the sustainability tools and metrics you need.

  • Sustainability Metrics and Benchmarking Services

    Sustainability Metrics and Benchmarking Services

    Sustainable management programs require credible, quantifiable metrics. However, with so many competing sustainability indicators and metrics in use, it can be hard to separate the science from the hype. This confusion impacts manufacturers and retailers who are trying to establish specifications for their supply chains, as well as suppliers who are trying to meet the competing and often conflicting requirements of their customers