STEINZEUG KERAMO, a subsidiary company of STEINZEUG KERAMO GmbH at Cologne (Germany), is a European company with international orientation, having its head office at Frechen, Germay. It develops, manufactures and sells vitrified clay pipes, manholes, fittings and accessories for domestic, urban and industrial sewerage systems. The durability of clay with its acknowledged resistance to corrosion, high inherent strength, absolute tightness, long term resistance to abrasion and proven record of longevity, make this material the ideal solution for all sewage and drainage needs.

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Paalsteenstraat 36 , Hasselt , Limurg 3500 Belgium

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
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Globally (various continents)

With two production sites in Germany (Frechen and Bad Schmiedeberg) plus one in Belgium (Hasselt) Steinzeug-Keramo, a company of the Wienerberger AG, is Europe's largest manufacturer of vitrified clay pipes and fittings for sewage systems. At all plants, production runs continuously, 24 hours a day, making vitrified clay pipe systems for worldwide distribution and manipulation.

In order to ensure safety, reliability and economic efficiency in sewage disposal, we manufacture top-quality, high-performance vitrified clay pipes and fittings using the latest processes and technology. Needless to say, we comply with the requirements for turning out eco-friendly, sustainable products: from obtaining the natural raw material clay, through its processing at highly automated production plants, the professional installation of the end product, vertrified clay pipes, their life span of over a hundred years, all the way up to its 100% recyclability. Core in our company culture is that we run a consumer and partner friendly policy, that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, provide guidance and support where needed, even on-site, and at all stages of the sewer system manipulation. Our service concept, which is applicable worldwide, starts with comprehensive advice and construction advisory services and extends itself to every aspect of our business partnership. To this end, competent staff members are at your disposal in all operating areas.

Production sites

  • Germany: Frechen and
  • Bad Schmiedeberg
  • Belgium: Hasselt


  • +/- 530 employees


  • Vitrified clay pipes and fittings
  • Sewer inspection and accessories


  • Europe
  • Middle and Far East
  • Overseas

The service life of sewage systems is paramount for genuinely deciding upon economic matters, whereas safety and density are key for pursuing an environmentally friendly policy. All aspects in sum lay societal questions upon current and future generations. The keyword is sustainability.
Pure nature from A to Z

This is why a conscious material choice is of utmost importance. Vitrified clay pipes fulfil the requirements of cost-efficient, eco-friendly and socially responsible sewer systems right from the start: from the mining of the raw materials over their transport, to pipe production, installation and recycling.

With the realisation of the design concept Cradle to Cradle® - created values for people and environment are preserved in cycles - and its respective certification, we are setting further standards.


  • No extra waste volume
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Infinite product life cycle


  • Long service lifetime
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Economical safeguarding of fixed assets


  • Outstanding technical, chemical and physical properties:
  • high strength, density and robustness
  • high resistance to wear, tear and corrosion
  • 100% recyclable

Intergenerational equity

  • No permanent financial burden through rehabilitation, repair, or reconstruction
  • Sparing use of resources
  • Service life span > 100 years


Do you know Cradle to Cradle?

Our products are CertifiedCM.

Can product life cycles be endless? From the day we began producing vitrified clay pipes and fittings, the concept of regenerative design has been a main focus of our work. Today, Steinzeug-Keramo products are among the first to have been granted Cradle to Cradle certification, a third-party, multi-attribute ecolabel for products based on regenerative methods and principles. 

With products that support these principles and are manufactured according to globally respected European standards and regulations, Steinzeug-Keramo safeguards production sites and jobs in Europe.

Steinzeug-Keramo. Inspired by Nature.




Cradle to Cradle will change our way of thinking. It replaces the former concept of a product life cycle that begins with its creation and ends with its disposal. We can now start thinking in terms of the creation of one product leading to the creation of another. Industry and trade will be revolutionized.

From now on: a cyclic system
In the current manufacturing process, used materials usually end up in the waste bin or the incinerator. With the implementation of Cradle to Cradle, products and material components flow as resources in infinite life cycles. The program provides guidelines to help businesses proceed from a linear system to an infinite ‘loop’ system.


Cradle to Cradle revolutionizes current production processes and the underlying principles.

Everything that is or ever has been of use serves another purpose. Without the slightest amount of waste, this gives rise to a highly sustainable product life cycle.

All our products represent top quality. Top quality means safety and reliability. Safety and reliability engender trust and confidence – confidence in our products. And that's why we make all our pipes and fittings not merely at the state of the art, but according to all regulations – at the highest level. For example, the unmistakeable DIN CERTCO DINplus quality label. Voluntary product certification and rights of use of the DINplus quality label provide tangible evidence of the quality of all our products, whose excellence exceeds statutory regulations (under the European EN 295 and ZP WN 295 norms). Above all, however, the DINplus label procreates the trust among users that the features promised are applied for real.

KEYMARK, the European label of CEN/CENELEC, is a voluntary quality standards certification label, for which an independent agency confirms that a given product complies with the respective European norms and standards.