WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH

WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH

The Weil Wasseraufbereitung GmbH develops, plans and assembles custom plants for the production of drinking water, pure and ultrapure water as well as the waste water processing. Plant construction and planning services, as well as product and process development, across all aspects of water purifi cation “is our thing”. We possess comprehensive experience and hold first-class references since 1986. Built close to the water: We have everything that we need in Osnabrück to ensure that our enthusiasm for pure water is known far beyond state boundaries: a laboratory, assembly hall, stainless steel processing, electrical workshop and small batch production. We develop our high quality products for individual water treatments here on the banks of the Hase river that are internationally known under the brand name ROWA.

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Heinrich-Hasemeier-Straße 33 , Osnabrück , D-49076 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Drinking Water
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Internationally (various countries)


Water is as fundamental to our world as the air that we breath. You only have to turn on the tap and it‘s readily available. Something that is frequently overlooked is that water is not only indispensible but also irreplaceable. That‘s because it is one of only a few substances that has no equivalent in nature or in the laboratory.

And it‘s precisely this fact that fascinates me and my employees. We have been using all of our knowledge and creativity for over 25 years to give water back the characteristic that it has been losing to a greater and greater extent: its purity.

A task that we approach with fresh enthusiasm every day.

Washing, rinsing, heating and cooling – nothing works without water. German industry requires around 9 billion cubic metres of water per year for the production of goods, foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. And because the requirements placed on water by industry differ depending on the application, our services are required.

When untreated water needs to be turned into ultrapure water then we are in our element.

Water is a readily available resource in Germany. However, the much lauded quality of our drinking water is not achieved by itself! And the problem of undesired ingredients in our water is likely to increase rather than decrease in the future... As we also like to drink water ourselves, we see it as our job to help both suppliers and consumers receive the best possible water for their health and enjoyment. When the highest level of purity is required direct from the mains water supply, we are excited about the challenge.

We are not only a competent partner for suppliers in terms of technology but also deliver drinking water to municipal authorities, communities and industry – with a quality you can both see and taste.

Individual solutions for drinking water purification in private households are brought together in our brand ROWA Last but not least, you are able to enjoy our purified water as if it were fresh from the spring free from any worries or hazardous ingredients.