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- Model ASP 100 - Gas Sample Probe



Due to various acid dew points at various applications the probe is heated up to 180°C. A filter element of 150mm is integrated, suitable for most applications up to 1g dust/m3. A significant advantage is that this filter is replaceable without dismounting the probe and without using any tools. Due to its modular design and various options, the heated sample probe covers the widest range of applications. With the filter element of 150mm length this probe is suitable for most applications up to 1g dust/m3; with the blow-back function dust loads of up to 10g/m3 can be handled.

Test gas can be injected directly into the probe through the calibration gas connection according to EN14181 (regulation for calibration of emission monitoring systems) that enables calibration gas feeding via the filter element of the gas sample probe. The use of the optional high-flow check valve type • APP 200 is recommended.

The stationary gas sample probe series ASP is a perfect completion to the Ankersmid gas conditioning system series • ASS 301/311. Both devices can easily be connected together by the Ankersmid heated sample line series AHL which guarantees a safe and reliable connection. • Using this heated line the probe's electrical power is then fed to the probe via the feed line integrated within the sample line. • To avoid cooling-down and condensation of sample gas in the extraction area, a heated sample probe tube series AST 0xx/1xx/2xx is available.

The ASP stationary gas sample probe is especially designed for standard process and ambient conditions, safe and reliable operation as well as easy maintenance at a wide range of applications is required. The innovative construction and design guarantees a perfect operation for gas measurements.

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