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AtomisterAiro utilises a compressed air supply to produce an ultra-fine mist spray which combats both odour and dust. These systems are perfect for both highly targeted treatment and treatment of general airspace, whether indoors or outdoors.

No wetting

The system can be configured to mist so finely that there is no wetting of floors or other equipment, meaning far less risk of detriment to personnel or processing equipment.

Low Water Usage

This ultra-fine mist means that the system uses up to 90% less water than traditional odour suppression systems!


The system is comprised of high quality components, and is designed to run continuously with minimal maintenance. This means less system downtime, fewer interruptions to operations and less opportunity for sensitive receptors to get wind that something is wrong.


Thanks to the modular design of the system, it is possible to extend or alter the system configuration and the quantity a

nd location of atomisers, should your requirements change over time.


Because each atomiser is independently adjustable in terms of both the direction and intensity of its spray, treatment can be matched precisely to the conditions of different areas.


Various options and functions are available using cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and protect the system. Examples are automatic timer control, thermostatic purge, wind vane control and control box heating.


All of our AtomisterAiro systems come with a free 1 year warranty, but to give you additional peace of mind about the ongoing maintenance of your AtomisterAiro system, we recommend that you consider taking out a CarePlan subscription. This includes service visits, spare parts, regular customer care contact and much more – all to ensure that your system is kept in good working order.

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