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- Model Soil Washing - Contaminated Soil and Sediment Treatment



Soil washing equipment for stationary or mobile solutions. Baioni has been active in the remediation of soil and groundwater. Remediation concepts are developed and implemented for public authorities and private companies. Baioni has, at its disposal, a whole range of remediation techniques, ranging from selective excavation, extraction and injection techniques, washing to the most complex and innovative in situ processing techniques. Baioni manufactures a large range of equipment available with numerous soil and groundwater treatment installations,and also operates different soil treatment centers, where contaminated soil can be processed. Baioni designs, manufactures and erects soil washing plants and other treatments for the remediation of soils containing different pollutants. These are, amongst others, the traditional petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as heavy metals, mono-aromatic and poly-aromatic hydrocarbons and more exotic substances such as cyanide, TNT, PCB's, etc.

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