Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

- Liquid-liquid extraction for chromatographic analysis


- Saves solvent - Easy-to-use - Highly efficient EXtrelut® NT sorbents and columns are specially developed for sample preparation of aqueous matrices. EXtrelut® NT simplifies liquid-liquid extraction by replacing separation funnels with a single step principle. Applications: - urine, whole blood, plasma, serum, gastric juices, liquor, amniotic fluid, faeces, animal and plant tissue - industrial, domestic and waste water - acidic and basic substances (e.g. drugs and their metabolites) from body fluids Working principle: The aqueous sample is simply applied to the EXtrelut® NT sorbent. It distributes itself in the form of a thin film over the chemically inert matrix and thus acts as a stationary phase.

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