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FibreSorb is a biodegradable absorbent for the clean up of surface spills of hydrocarbon products and for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. FibreSorb is a patent-pending blend of cotton and other plant-based materials with additional nutrients, enzymes and microorganisms that enhance the biodegradation of both the FibreSorb and petroleum hydrocarbons absorbed therein. The “used” FibreSorb can either be left in place to biodegrade over time (see photos at right) or swept up and placed in a compost pile or container to promote the biodegradation of the FibreSorb product and the co-metabolic bioremediation of the petroleum hydrocarbons absorbed within the FibreSorb, eliminating the need for the disposal of contaminated wastes.

The FibreSorb product can be used to promote the bioremediation of petroleum-contaminated soils by mixing the product into the contaminated soils. Large-scale soil bioremediation projects can be facilitated with the use of a pugmill to optimize the mixing of the FibreSorb product with the contaminated soils.

The bioremediation of FibreSorb-treated soils can be enhanced by the periodic application of Geovation’s patented N-Blend nutrients. FibreSorb can also be manufactured and applied as briquettes, granules and pellets (see left). These value-added product forms not only simplify the handling and application of FibreSorb in the field, but they also sink in water, providing a cost-effective means for the in-situ bioremediation of hydrocarbons and PAH's in aqueous sediments beneath rivers, lakes, harbors, lagoons and similar, difficult-to-treat environments.

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