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- Model 869 - Portable ppb Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer



The model 869 analyzer is designed and manufactured to give you fast response, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use in a portable analyzer. Automatic ranging reads directly in parts per billion (µg/L) without any need for manual setup. The analyzer's measuring range is from 0 ppb to 20 ppm D.O.

  • Measures D.O. within ± 1 ppb.
  • Long-term stability
  • Pre-tensioned membrane capsule for easy membrane replacement
  • Galvanic technology provides an absolute zero D.O. reading.
  • One-button calibration makes calibration quick and simple
  • Fast 30 second response
  • 1-5 V programmable output
  • Optional stainless steel flowcell and sub-ppb D.O. sensor
  • Quality stainless steel and NEMA 4X, IP65 housing construction
  • RS232 digital communication to a computer
  • 9V DC and/or 115/230 VAC powered

The intuitive user-friendly program “just seems to do what you expect.” The program has auto-calibration, self-diagnostics, and fault tolerance. The analyzer has dual programmable alarms with self- and sensor diagnostic alert, and output hold during calibration.

  • Data Logs your field test 869 logs its readings to internal memory at adjustable frequency. It can be left in the field to collect data and/or capture upsets. When convenient results can be downloaded to your computer, or continuously logged to it if your computer is left in the field.
  • Portable operation Both the analyzer and the ppb dissolved oxygen sensor are mounted on a stainless steel portable stand. A portable analyzer can handle all your spot checks.
  • Simple Air Calibration To calibrate, simply suspend the sensor over water, press the cal button, and let the analyzer auto-calibrate.
  • Easy Operation Operators can easily change display to show ppb dissolved oxygen, barometric pressure, temperature, alarm setpoints, calibration status, etc. and make calibration adjustments. The program notifies of problems, and can be remote operated from your PC using the included IC Net™-869 program.
  • IC Net™-869 Communication is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP, making it easy to transfer data into your computer as a .csv file recognized by most spreadsheet and graphing programs. IC Net™-869 is included supplied on CD with USB port adapter and instruction. Some users enjoy remote operating their 869 from the familiarity of their computer, instead of directly.
  • High Quality A stainless steel D.O. flowcell with double-shielded ppb dissolved oxygen sensor produces stable sub-ppb D.O. readings when sample is delivered via stainless steel tubing.
  • Expert-Quality Calibrations At the low end, the sensor produces an accurate zero dissolved oxygen measurement. The problem of a drifting zero measurement is avoided because the sensor uses galvanic cell electrochemistry. When there is no oxygen present, there is no signal generated. The sensor is calibrated in air which is saturated with water. The analyzer automatically compensates for temperature and barometric pressure when calculating the sensor gain. The operator does not need to use lookup tables or do manual calculations.
  • Long-Term Stability and Easy Maintenance By design, cell chemistry regenerates and does not deplete the electrolyte. This produces long, stable runs between sensor recharges. Membrane replacement and sensor recharging is easy using a factory pre-tensioned pop-in module.
  • IC Controls has incorporated intelligence into the 869 analyzer available via the IC Net™-869 Advanced Intelligence Access Program. Measurements such as DO can be critical to your process and must be strictly monitored and maintained. Analyzer Intelligence provides the user with historical data, including events such as calibration, upsets, diagnostics and more. This information can be communicated for trending, even to remote locations.
  • The analyzer stores the last 12 monthly calibration records for communication or download and keeps upset records! Upsets are recorded and datestamped (ie: out of spec, alarm, power interruptions, etc.) Factors leading to alarm conditions are recalled and for measurement trend hundreds of data points can be accessed at user defined time intervals.
  • The IC Net™-869 Intelligence Access Program runs in your PC and communicates with the analyzer using RS232 and a USB port. The analyzer supports and communicates diagnostics. Settings can be viewed, functions tested, calibration updated and remote operated from your computer terminal. A Real-Time clock allows accurate tagging of events and duration even when battery powered.

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