- Model 800 - Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers



Solinst Low Pressure Pneumatic Packers are available in two sizes, as single or straddle packers primarily for use in 2' to 5' monitoring wells (50 and 125 mm). They can be inflated using a hand pump to a maximum of up to 50 psi (345 kPa).

These simple inexpensive packers inflate with a hand pump and are available in 1.8' and 3.7' (46 mm and 94 mm) diameters. Primarily for use in 2' and 4' (50 mm and 100 mm) monitoring wells, they can also be used in smooth boreholes and wells with 1.9 - 5' (48 - 127 mm) inside diameters. Typical inflation pressures for the 1.8' (46 mm) packers are from 20 - 40 psi (140 - 345 kPa) above hydrostatic pressure, and from 20 - 30 psi (140 - 205 kPa) for the 3.7' (94 mm) packers.

The Packers utilize a gland of black carbon reinforced rubber (BCR) on a Sch 80 PVC body. They are lowered on flexible low density polyethylene (LDPE) tubing or a rigid PVC drop pipe. If a rigid drop tube is not required for your application, it is recommended to attach a safety line to the eyebolt provided. The Solinst Model 103 Tag Line provides a convenient, graduated support cable that can be used for this purpose, as well as for measuring placement depth. The inflation line of 1/8' (3 mm) low density polyethylene (LDPE) is easily attached using the nylon compression fittings on each packer.

Isolating discrete zones for short term monitoring:

  • Water sampling
  • Hydraulic conductivity testing
  • Datalogging with a Levelogger
  • Minimizing purge volumes
  • Reducing well development time
  • Slug and pump tests
  • Injection of tracers, amendments or other materials
  • Air sparging (low pressure)

Solinst packers are ideal for use with Integra Bladder Pumps or Double Valve Pumps, which can be easily attached above the packers. The water inlet can be below a single packer, or through perforated pipe fitted between straddle packers. For hydraulic conductivity testing, Solinst Leveloggers can also be suspended, either below or between packers, from the eyebolt on the bottom of the packer.

  • Perforated Straddle Pipe
  • Inflation Valve Assembly
  • Inflation Tubing 1/8' OD LDPE
  • Tag Line (Model 103 - marked support cable)
  • Water Level Meter (Models 101, 102)
  • Pumps (Models 404, 407, 408, 410)
  • Leveloggers (Model 3001)
  • Inflation Pump

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