- Model 860 - Disposable In-Line Filters



Solinst supplies in-line disposable filters specifically designed for the preparation of groundwater samples for dissolved metals analysis and for filtering large volumes of turbid groundwater. These filters are any easy effective way to meet the filtration requirements of the US EPA, as they incorporate a 0.45μm membrane into a disposable device.

Excellent for sampling in silty or particulate-laden groundwater, the high capacity filter gives 650 cm2 of effective filtration area.

Advantages Filter Design

  • Compact size with no bulky holder requiring replacement filter discs
  • Almost five times the effective filtration area obtained with 142 mm disc filters
  • Reduces the need for multiple filter changes
  • Assures rapid sample filtration
  • Fast change-out for increased efficiency
  • No hazardous residue on the fitler housing
  • No handling of the filter element for enhanced safety
  • Self-contained, low maintenance and disposal

Saves Time and Money

  • No costly decontamination
  • No assembly/disassembly, nor the multiple filter changes associated with reusable filter holders

Each filter has a 1/2' (12 mm) barb, reducing to 1/4' (6 mm) NPT inlet connector which fits 3/8' x 1/4' (10 mm x 6 mm) or 5/8' x 1/2' (16 mm x 12 mm) tubing. The outlet connector is a 1/2' (12 mm) straight tube.

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