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The Burnside Drainage Team has extensive experience in all aspects of land drainage, especially work under the Drainage Act. We provide services to Municipalities in south central and south western Ontario. Our team includes some of the most experienced and respected Drainage Engineers in the Province, as well as Junior Engineers, Technologists, Technicians and an Aquatic Resources Specialist. In addition, we have some staff who are Drainage Superintendents approved by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. Our team has appeared before the Drainage Referee, the Appeal Tribunal and in court as 'expert witnesses' in legal actions. We know that proper drainage is an essential part of our infrastructure and that it makes good neighbours and good communities, whether in rural or urban Ontario. We can help you find the most efficient solution to your drainage problem.

Services available include – fulfilling the responsibilities of the 'drainage superintendent' and the 'engineer' under The Act including preparing Engineer's Reports, designing rural and urban drainage systems, preparing detailed drawings and specifications, stormwater management design, hydraulic modelling, meeting the requirements of all approval agencies, complete management of the project including tendering, contract administration and construction review, and acting as expert witnessess and advocates.

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