Inciner8 Limited

Incinerator solutions for the pathological sector

Pathological waste is basically the by-product from operations and other types of surgery. Incineration is still the recognised way to safely dispose of all kinds of pathological waste.

  • hospitals and other health facilities
  • laboratories and research centres
  • mortuary and autopsy centres
  • animal research and testing laboratories
  • blood banks and collection services
  • nursing homes for the elderly

Our Medical incinerators are perfect for pathological waste such as:

  • Human Tissues
  • Organs
  • Body Parts
  • Other Fluids
  • Contaminated Bandages

These specially designed systems are in use in a wide range of locations across the globe. Operating in the extreme environmental conditions seen in places such as Iceland, Equatorial Africa and Antarctica they are proven to be resilient, robust and reliable.

Buying the right incinerator for pathological waste.

The first two things that needs consideration are the composition of your waste stream and the volume of waste you need to destroy each day.

From this we can calculate the optimum batch sizes and bests operational process to ensure you have the best results available. All our units reach temperatures well in excess of 850oc in the secondary combustion chamber - this is a basic prerequisite in the clean burning of contaminated waste.