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Laboratory instruments solutions for surface finishing industry

The coating and finishing of surfaces using electroplating techniques is a highly sophisticated process. Be it the finishing of metal parts or the coating of printed circuit boards, the quality required in the intermediate and end products is only achieved if the composition of the process baths is right. At the same time, rising costs of raw materials and energy make it absolutely essential to drive production as efficiently as possible. As a leading manufacturer of instruments for chemical analysis we know about the challenges of coating and finishing of surfaces using electroplating techniques. We offer you state-of-the-art instrumentation to control and optimize the quality of your coating processes − both in the laboratory and in the process environment.

Quality control of basic chemicals
Learn how you can perform quality control of incoming basic chemicals and raw materials for electroplating baths.

Monitoring main components in the baths
Learn what we have to offer for main component monitoring in electroplating baths.

Monitoring secondary components in the baths
Learn more about our analytical solutions for the monitoring of organic and inorganic additives in electroplating baths.