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  • Entex FlowTex - 2nd Gen Disc Filter

    Entex FlowTex - 2nd Gen Disc Filter

    FlowTex is a user-friendly, high-performance, tertiary filter suitable for both small and large flow applications. The FlowTex design incorporates a fixed disk with a rotating vacuum head. This outside-to-inside flow ensures that solids stay trapped within the basin and the stationary disc offers a visual check for clarity of the effluent. The FlowTex system is a low-cost option for use in a wide variety of applications and configurations.

  • ENTEX FlowTex - Drum Filter

    ENTEX FlowTex - Drum Filter

    FlowTex Drum Filter is a simple, inexpensive, cloth media filter designed for package plant and small flow applications. FlowTex filter provides for outside to inside flow and incorporates a rotating cloth filter drum and a fixed vacuum assembly for backwashing. FlowTex drum provides approximately 20 ft2 of filtration surface area. The drum filter can be configured as a clarifier insert or in a stand alone tank. The outside-to-inside flow prevents...

  • ENTEX - Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

    ENTEX - Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

    ENTEX’s Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants provide complete solutions for on-site treatment. These systems combine the benefits of the latest IFAS technology with proven Packaged Plant designs to treat municipal or industrial wastewater, providing excellent quality effluent. Packaged Plants are custom configured using proven designs and components to treat wastes from 10,000 gallons per day to 3.0 million gallons per day.

  • WavTex - Moving Woven Media System

    WavTex - Moving Woven Media System

    WavTex is a moving woven media system using Entex’s patent pending EnTextile media in Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge (IFAS) and Submerged Fixed-Film (SFF) systems. Independently moving EnTextile media sheets continually wave in the aeration basin in a random motion, ensuring excellent oxygen and substrate transfer. WavTex is a cost-effective solution for existing activated sludge plants that need more advanced treatment. Because little...