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  • Land Based Services

  • Archaeological Services

    Archaeological Services

    The use of geophysics has become increasingly beneficial to archaeological surveys. A geophysical survey should not be used to replace an in-depth archeological survey conducted by a qualified professional archaeologist. Instead, it should be used as one of many tools that can be applied to the investigation. Geophysics can be used to provide either a general site overview or a higher resolution image of a particular area of interest. This data helps...

  • Borehole Geophysics Services

    Borehole Geophysics Services

    Borehole geophysics can provide precise information regarding the soil and rock properties at specific depths.

  • Cell Tower Foundation Mapping Services

    Cell Tower Foundation Mapping Services

    The determination of the three-dimensional design of foundations for telecommunications towers, buildings and signs can be nearly impossible using conventional means. Properly applied geophysical test methods, probing and shallow test pits provide a very cost-effective and non-destructive approach to determining the foundation design. GeoView has conducted literally 1,000’s of investigations evaluating buried foundations for telecommunication...

  • Environmental Studies Services

    Environmental Studies Services

    Geophysics has been successfully applied to environmental investigations for many decades and has become even more accurate and cost effective with the integration of global positioning systems and more advanced computer modeling.

  • Geotechnical Characterization Studies Services

    Geotechnical Characterization Studies Services

    Geophysics should be an integral part of any geotechnical site characterization study. GeoView has performed thousands of geophysical surveys as part of geotechnical characterization studies. The projects are managed by licensed professional geologists who have the tools and the knowledge to bring the appropriate method to each job. The following are common applications of geophysics in these studies.

  • Hydrogeological Characterization Studies Services

    Hydrogeological Characterization Studies Services

    Hydrogeological characterization studies cover a broad range of applications and services. In the broadest sense these studies are designed to characterize either the earth matrix which is controlling groundwater flow or the quality of the ground water.

  • Infrastructure Studies Services

    Infrastructure Studies Services

    Geophysics is an important forensic tool in a wide range of infrastructure related studies. The non-destructive tests (NDT) enable the engineer or geophysicist to inspect the interior of a structure without the need to physically dig, drill or otherwise destroy part of the structure. GeoView has performed thousands of infrastructure related studies for both governmental agencies and private contractors throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

  • Residential/Commercial Sinkhole Studies Services

    Residential/Commercial Sinkhole Studies Services

    The investigation of potential karst (sinkhole) activity at residential or commercial properties or undeveloped land is a multi-disciplinary process in which geophysics plays a critical role. Subsurface geology in karst environments is very complex and is often masked at the surface. Properly selected and applied geophysical tools will provide a 2 or 3 dimensional perspective of subsurface geological conditions in these settings.

  • Utility Designation Services

    Utility Designation Services

    The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has developed a standard of care guideline, which describes four quality levels of utility depiction.