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HOMA Pumps

More than 70 years of experience in pump manufacturing. Originally founded as a service shop in 1946, HOMA is today an independent dynamic global company specialized in the design and manufacture of pumps and systems that utilize submersible motor technology. HOMA pumps are primarily used for waste water disposal in buildings and on construction sites for surface drainage as well as municipal and industrial waste water disposal and treatment. Using the very latest 3D design systems our product development division have created the designs that ensure HOMA will continue to play a leading role in international pump construction and win the confidence of customers and users alike all over the world.

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Industriestr. 1 , Neunkirchen-Seelscheid , Postfach D-53819 Germany
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Pumps & Pumping
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Globally (various continents)

Local roots. Worldwide activities.

From craft workshop to global player

For two generations, the culture of HOMA as a family company has been grounded in clear goals and structures. The success story of HOMA Pumpenfabrik GmbH commenced over 70 years ago: in 1946, Hans Hoffmann initially set up a craft workshop for repairing electric motors employing an manageable number of workers. Based on his knowledge of electric motors, the senior manager, Hans Hoffmann made the decision, which still marks the company today: specialisation on the development and production of submersible motor pumps.

By dint of much personal commitment, innovations and a consistent focus on the expectations of our customers, we have now grown into a medium-sized industrial company, acting on a worldwide basis. Globally, there are over 60 subsidiaries and agencies that sell our pumps and installations. These units are mainly used for water disposal from buildings, the dewatering of construction sites and removal of surface water, as well as for community and industrial water disposal and treatment.

Driven by our passion for quality, the resolute improvements to our products and services and our attitude of partnership with customers, suppliers and employees, we believe that we are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future, and are striving to achieve a healthy rate of growth.

The exacting standards used in all HOMA designs are also reflected in the quality of the manufacturing of all HOMA units. Having a single, central production site in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid with a high degree of vertical integration provides us with a sound basis for quality assurance as our short lines of communication and effective decision-making channels enable us to provide efficient monitoring and continuous improvements of our production.

In all, HOMA manufactures and supplies the highest of quality pump and mixer solutions for both the German market and more than 60 other countries worldwide every year.


The world we live in is becoming increasingly dynamic. Technical cycles are getting ever shorter, our lifestyle and requirements are constantly changing and bringing new challenges. Keeping up with them needs innovative solutions, creating value for all the stakeholders. Our mission statement forms the framework for a successful future. in the following paragraphs, we will define the values for which we stand and the road we wish to take to make a successful impact -  present and future.


At the heart of all our activities lies the fact that we develop our products ourselves. Every production step and every component for manufacture is completed with a high degree of care and commitment. The passion of our workers, a demanding choice of suppliers, closely-targeted material testing and our regular production test cycles stand guarantee for the highest standards. None of our products is put into series production until our highest quality demands have been fulfilled.


At HOMA, the focus is always on  people, who represent the foundation for our activities. Courage, curiosity, respect, performance, responsibility, integrity and transparency. As a family company, we regard ourselves as being bound, first and foremost, by these particular values, and we further them through our open approach to work. We believe that the only way to achieve our common goals is through partnership with customers, suppliers and employees.


Our products and system solutions play a significant role in the environmentally-friendly circulation of water, particularly in the disposal and treatment of waste water. Water is Earth's most precious resource. We employ outstanding engineers, who are involved on a daily basis in developing and improving our innovative products, in order to fulfil our desire to develop products for our customers that are increasingly energy-efficient, offering an  economic use of resources.