Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.

Rescan Environmental Services Ltd.

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Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. Services

  • Biological Sciences Services

  • Freshwater Plus Marine Service

    Freshwater Plus Marine Service

    Rescan offers expertise in baseline characterizations and environmental impact studies of the freshwater and marine environment. Data is collected using a wide variety of techniques and equipment that are best suited to the environment and project-specific needs.

  • Wildlife Plus Wildlife Habitat Service

    Wildlife Plus Wildlife Habitat Service

    The wildlife group at Rescan has a broad range of expertise in the biological sciences, including population, community and behavioural ecology, ecophysiology, conservation biology, biometrics, and mathematical modelling of animal populations.

  • Fish + Fish Habitat

    Fish + Fish Habitat

    Rescan’s scientists focus on fish ecology and the physical, biological and chemical processes affecting fish habitat.

  • Toxicology + Risk Assessment

    Toxicology + Risk Assessment

    Rescan provides specialized services in toxicology, human health effects assessment, and ecological risk assessment for mines and industrial developments. Risk assessment is a rapidly evolving approach to evaluating the likelihood of adverse impacts to people or to ecological resources which are exposed to environmental stressors. It provides vital information regarding the significance of potential impacts relative to economic, social, and legal...

  • Wetland Ecosystems

    Wetland Ecosystems

    The wetland science group at Rescan has expertise in wetland ecosystem classification, mapping, function assessment, as well as hydrological and biological assessments. Rescan’s team has experience working across Canada in Arctic-permafrost systems, in the Prairie Pothole Region, the Maritimes and British Columbia. Rescan encourages the active participation of local community experts in field studies, as well as in research and monitoring projects,...