BD|Sensors GmbH

Electronic pressure measurement devices for oil and gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

As a result of global industrialisation and increasing mobility, the demand for crude oil and natural gas continues to grow. As the amount of oil and gas produced increases, so too does the need for transportation and further processing facilities.

In order to meet global demand for crude oil, special processes are now being used in order to extract additional crude oil from reservoirs that have already been exploited. These processes go beyond primary and secondary production where 30 - 40 % of the oil in place is extracted. Given the extreme conditions encountered in the oil and gas industry, high-quality, reliable equipment is essential. In order to monitor and increase the efficiency of this equipment, BD|SENSORS has developed pressure measuring devices specially for use in these demanding environments.

  • carefully selected oil and sea water resistant metal alloys and cable materials
  • internationally recognised approvals such as GL, DNV, UL etc.
  • a high level of reliability (SIL approval)
  • abrasion resistant pressure sensors
  • protection classes  IP68/ IP69 (K)

  • refineries / distilleries
  • oil and gas production
  • oil and gas tankers / drilling platforms
  • pressure monitoring in pipelines
  • pressure measurements in drill heads
  • process pressure monitoring in separators
  • level monitoring in tank containers