Bord na Mona Environmental Limited

Bord na Mona Environmental Limited

Bord na Mona is a vibrant Irish business based in the Midlands but recognised globally. We are no longer `just a peat company, already half our income come from other sources. We are changing the way we do business and moving towards a sustainable approach. Bord na Móna will continue to fully develop a portfolio of sustainable infrastructure in Ireland to support customers requirements for renewable energy, biomass, home heating products, waste and recovery, and growing media. We will do all this whilst driving profitability and shareholder return. We can achieve this because of our strategic land bank, reputation, development, expertise and strategic partnerships. Sustainability is the heartbeat of our business.

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Business Type:
Government agency
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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It means building a future where Bord na Móna is a profitable company that is committed to protecting the environment. We have strong links in the communities we serve going back generations and our sustainability agenda is deeply invested in creating the brightest possible future for them.

We are a commercial company that invests and promotes the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in the Midlands of Ireland, creating wildlife corridors and reserves. We are applying a rigorous scientific approach - we plan and we deliver - we have already mapped up to 80,000 hectares from a biodiversity perspective. We have identified the flora and fauna who we are responsible for protecting. We have identified areas that can be handed over for nature conservation and community recreation.

Eighty years ago, Bord na Móna committed itself to delivering a new industry for Ireland using our indigenous resources. Today, we are developing new sustainable businesses that understand the need to work in increasing harmony with the natural environment. We are determined that these new businesses will continue to sustain returns for our employees and the wider community for generations to come.

Just as Ireland’s needs and priorities have changed over 75 years, so too have those of our company. The core business has expanded beyond the harvesting of peat.

Sustainable Solutions
As local and global pressure has grown to find more sustainable ways of producing power and conserving resources, we’ve developed many innovative new products and services to meet those demands.

From producing eco-fuels and environmental products, to offering waste collection, resource recovery and renewable energy expertise. In addition, water treatment, district heating and eco-tourism businesses are being developed to meet future needs.

The products and services that make up our business are diverse but all share two key characteristics. First, they draw directly upon the unique set of skills and insights we’ve built up over three-quarters of a century working with nature. Second, they’re specifically designed to serve the present and future needs of our citizens, our economy and our planet.

As a society, we need to forge a new contract with nature which respects both her power and her fragility. As a company, we have committed ourselves to doing just that.

Learn more in our Sustainability Report 2010/2011.

Delivering Change through Innovation
Our new direction will deliver a sustainable business for all our stakeholders. The pillars of our future, renewable energy, resource recovery, environmental products and consumer products will be underpinned by an innovation agenda.

We have on-going investment in research and development to improve our products, processes, packaging and distribution systems. We constantly seek ways to leverage the ideas of our supplier and customers to ensure optimum achievement of results.

Find out more about Bord na Móna’s innovation process, submit an idea to our innovation team.

Future Land Use
As guardians of an extensive land holding, approximately 80,000 hectares located mainly in the Irish midlands, our goal is to generate commercial, environmental and social value from this key asset. This land has been primarily used for peat harvesting for energy and for horticulture growing media.

However we have recently developed a Strategic Framework for the Future Use of Peatlands which will guide the decision making in relation to potential future uses and developments of our cutaway bogs.

Some of the land is already committed to future uses such as forestry, tourism and amenity, industry, infrastructure, aggregate production, water storage and energy. In addtion some bogs have been conserved for their high biodiversity value.

Biodiversity Action Plan
We recently launched our Biodiversity Action Plan – the conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage is an integral part of good environmental management and is a core practice at Bord na Móna.

We recognise that we have a responsibility in terms of managing our bogs into the future and that potentially large areas of former peat production areas will revert to biodiversity rich systems in the future. Learn more about Bord na Móna’s biodiversity objectives and activities.

Platform for Growth
We have set out a clear road map for growth and although we face many challenges we believe that the competent performance that we have consistently delivered year-on-year provides us with a strong platform from which to we can continue to grow as the global economy regains momentum.

Find further information on our performance and future plans in our Annual Report 2011/2012.

As times change, so have we. From literally building communities with early housing schemes, we’re now building community spirit in your local area, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Since its early days Bord na Móna has been involved in various ways with its local communities, particularly in the midlands. The Turf Development Board built hostels for the thousands of men who migrated seasonally to work in the midland bogs.

These hostels housed over 100 men in some locations. As well as accommodation and meals, the hostels provided ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ canteens, film showings and recreation halls. Later, when less seasonal work was carried out, Bord na Móna decided to build houses for its employees in nine developments across the Midlands and the West.

As well as on a local level the work of Bord na Móna, and its workers, was vital to the Irish community at large. In a letter to Bord na Móna written in 1972, then President Eamon de Valera wrote: “The country was deeply indebted to Bord na Móna and its officers during the emergency and its contribution to the national economy since then is a source of pride to all”

We take pride in our history and heritage, and from such auspicious beginnings, we are proud to continue the tradition of getting involved with helping and improving the communities across Ireland. Bord na Móna is committed to giving something back to the community, and has a proven track record in community schemes and sponsorships which add value to the people of Ireland.

We also take pride in ensuring the best use, and post-production use, of our peatlands. As such, we are proud to have areas of cutaway bogs that are now available as a local and tourist amenity.

For those who’d like to connect with Bord na Móna on a day-to-day basis, and to find out what else we’ve got to offer, we’ve now taken the big step into the social media world. Hope to see you there!

Bord na Móna has been part of Irish history for more than 75 years. Of course, the bogs have been part of Ireland for thousands of years, and have their own secrets to share too.

The Heartland project was begun as an exhibition, displaying samples from our vast archives. In Summer 2010, this exhibition made a tour of the heartland counties of Ireland, to great success. In April 2011, we also launched a new version of the Heartland website to provide a permanent online home for our heritage. The Heartland site is also a place where you, the public, can share your memories and experiences of Bord na Móna over the years and bring a greater depth and meaning to the historical experience. Eamon DeValera visits in 1944On the site you’ll find

articles about such important topics as how the workers spent Christmas Day in 1944 as well as Bord na Móna’s role in building many homes in villages and towns for its workers. There are also factsheets for schools and even lists of many of our workers, past and present. If you know someone who worked for Bord na Móna in the past, you can look them up , and maybe even give us more information about them!

Bord na Móna is pleased to be associated with a new Code of Practice on peatland archaeology, which outlines the principles to be applied for the protection of Ireland’s peatland archaeological heritage. Peatlands are a very important source of archaeological information in Ireland, as objects are preserved in peatlands because of the acidity of peat and the anaerobic environment which exists within peatland deposits. The new Code of Practice, developed in cooperation with the National Monuments Service and the National Museum of Ireland, enables us to proceed with our programme of peat harvesting in a manner that ensures the safeguarding of the State’s archaeological heritage.

Clonshannagh Bog, Mountdillon -    excavations on a trackway, hurdle panel, platform and archaeological wood Killeens, Longfordpass and Inchirourke bogs in Littleton -    excavations on toghers, trackways and a possible animal trap. All excavations were undertaken by Archaeological Development Services under licence from the Department of the Environment. You can learn more about other

Our vision ‘A New Contract with Nature’ underpins everything we do. It informs our day to day actions. It helps us see our future and determine the steps we must take to get there.

Our Vision
It provides a marker for success, a target for focus, a horizon for purpose. It motivates our people.

Our Mission

  • We are Ireland’s leading environmentally responsible integrated utility service provider encompassing electricity, heating solutions, resource recovery, water, horticulture and related services.
  • We capitalise on international opportunities where we have a competitive advantage.
  • We achieve continuing growth through superior customer service, outstanding quality and innovation delivered through the excellence and commitment of our people.
  • We engage in sustainable profitable business in the communities we serve, which is rewarding and challenging for employees and other stakeholders. We conduct our affairs with openness, honesty and integrity.


We live in an ever-evolving landscape. We feel that knowing when it is time to innovate and when it is time to consolidate is a core skill. We believe in adopting a curious mind and encourage our team to explore all possibilities in our search for more efficient solutions. We believe nothing should be overlooked or wasted.

We believe in our people. We believe in a One Team ethos driving our business forward. One team of experts, speaking in consistent voice and opening up dialogues with customers and communities on many different levels.

We are proud of our past. The experience has taught us that only through a greater understanding of our natural resources can we seek to offer more sustainable solutions to all who engage with us. We listen to planet and people, in equal measure, for it is through a common appreciation of what is desired and what is possible that we will achieve real progress.