Dorset Group B.V.

Dorset Group is a globally active production company. We develop and produce solutions for processing organic waste streams, air cleaning, electronic identification and animal housing. Dorset was founded in 1984 by Mr. Henk Haaring for the import of Daltec feeding systems for pig feeding. In late eighties and early nineties more divisions were founded that started the development and production of a variety of machinery and electronic products. Today the group consists of three divisions, each with their own development and production. The group is globally active with a headquarters in the Netherlands.

Company details

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Dorset Green Machines is a leading global designer, manufacturer and marketer of manure/sludge drying systems. The technique is extremely suitable for utilizing residual heat from environmentally “green” powerproductionplants to turn wet or waste products into dry valuable Biomass for renewable energy.

Low electricity consumptionis a huge advantage.

  • The drying equipment is designed to utilize residual heat at a low cost.
  • With a Biogas installation the dryer replaces the cooler from the CHP. With 500 kW two ventilators of 2,2 kW are used which barely raises the amount of electricity.
  • When drying the sewage sludge the energy use can be reduced by 90% in contrast to the conventional dryers. The air velocity through the product is very low to prevent dust formation.
  • When drying manure or substrate from biogasplants cleaning the air is absolutely necessary.