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  • Water Intake

  • Elgin - Copper Nickel Coating

    Elgin - Copper Nickel Coating

    Copper use in the marine industry began 200 years ago to resist fouling of naval ships.  When corroded, copper forms a protective layer called cuprous oxide.  This layer is toxic to marine like while being relatively safe for humans.  The downside of copper is that is slowly wears away and leaches into the surrounding water supply, resulting in deterioration of the alloy and contamination of the water supply.  Thus, copper...

  • Elgin - Coanda Screen

    Elgin - Coanda Screen

    Approach Plate: Delivers water screen at proper speed and direction. Screen: Cuts bottom layer of water using tilted wedge wire and has removable screen panel for maintenance / replacement. Mounting Angle: Fastens assembly to structure & includes leveling bolts for quick adjustment during installation.

  • Elgin - Cylindrical Screen

    Elgin - Cylindrical Screen

    Intake screens provide the first line of defense for your municipal, industrial, or hydro power plant. These unsung heroes keep fish safe and protect your pumps and turbines from harmful debris. Our intake solutions deliver water to your system with a design that is both efficient and environmentally safe.

  • Elgin - Wedge Wire Flat Panel Screen

    Elgin - Wedge Wire Flat Panel Screen

    Elgin’s wedge wire flat panel screens are able to withstand extreme loads and adhere to precise tolerances.  With fabrication methods tailored to the mining industry, our screens can handle anything your water source can throw at it.  Flat panel screens can fit into existing openings or can be supplied with guide rails to ensure smooth installation and serviceability over the life of the product.

  • Elgin - Side Hill Screen

    Elgin - Side Hill Screen

    Influent Chamber: Sized to distribute spillage over weir while keeping high enough velocity to prevent backup of debris. Baffle Plate: Distributes flow evenly over screen. Includes studs with weights to adjust baffling according to media viscosity. Screen: Cuts bottom layer of water using tilted wedge wire and has removable screen panel for maintenance and replacement. Drip Lip: Captures remaining fluid from slow-moving debris as it falls from screen...

  • Elgin AirBurst - Screen Cleaning Systems

    Elgin AirBurst - Screen Cleaning Systems

    We believe the basis for an effective cleaning system is reliability and simplicity.  Common components make maintenance a breeze and stationary parts eliminate the need for complex retrieval systems.