Macpresse Europa S.R.L

Macpresse Europa S.R.L

Macpresse International is an Italian company headquartered in Vernate (Milan). Macpresse has been designing and installing recovery facilities for recycling secondary scrap materials for over 40 years. Macpresse provides scrap-handling solutions in the following sectors: recovery of first/secondary materials, processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial wastes, document destruction, and conveyor belts.

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Loc. S. Giuseppe , Vernate , Milano 20080 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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MACPRESSE is a world leader of systems for the treatment of waste and recyclable materials.

Founded by the Scotuzzi family in 1875, today Macpresse products can be found in over 40 countries across five continents.


To continue the family tradition by offering products recognized worldwide for high quality and constant innovation.

Establish ourselves with determination and passion as the best waste treatment technology manufacturers.

Macpresse’s strategy and musts:

  • Make the toughest and most efficient balers in the world.
  • Offer the quickest possible service and spares to customers so that downtime can be brought down to almost zero.
  • Make innovation, research and development the essence of our future.
  • Make our and our partners’ technological know-how a heritage.
  • We strive every day to ensure these principles are the basis of our competitive advantage.


Designed and built totally in Milan, Italy, at the MACPRESSE Europa plant, MACPRESSE machines are:

  • technologically advanced
  • built with extra heavy construction
  • Long-lived
  • made with attention to every detail with AutoCAD design and CNC machinery
  • made with the best available components and materials

Every new series is designed utilizing the company’s decades of experience with engineering excellence and attention to market evolution.  Particular attention is given for the distinctive characteristics and requirements of each country we work in

These characteristics have made MACPRESSE a global leader in equipment designed for the treatment of waste and recyclables.

After-sales Service
When choosing our products, companies can rely on our support at any time from the customized solution of each plant Our after-sales service support assist our customers to achieve productivity with minimal downtime

Moreover, thanks to our network of over thirty fully stocked warehouses in four continents, we can guarantee fast response for service, installation and parts supply.

Macpresse is the world leader in MSW baling; and our worldwide references speak for themselves. The Macpresse dedicated range of ‘L’ series MSW balers are specifically designed, engineered and manufactured to process MSW in even the most challenging conditions, .i.e leachate, organics, vermin, high, corrosion, wear & tear. Baling capacities range up to 70 tons/hour, or 1000 t/day per baler. All balers have liners of bolted Hardox steel plates, with high compaction and low maintenance costs. 

MSW bales are wrapped with LLDPE foil; this eliminates leachate, methane gas, bad odours etc. Wrapped MSW bales can now be transported without soiling loading floors, there is no spilling of leachate onto the public roads. The bale sizes enable trucks to be loaded easily and space efficiently. 

With its smaller plant layout, Baling & Wrapping of MSW optimises the available floor space and enables a more time-efficient movement of vehicles, i.e. trucks, fork lifts, front loaders etc. 

Landfill remediation technology consists of trommel screens, sorting, and baling. Under-trommel material can be further processed as raw compost, or as filling material. Rest waste is baled and landfilled. 

For the RDF industry, Macpresse offers both front end and post production technology. Our MRFs are positioned prior to drying; post end our balers compact RDF into high density bales, logistically easy to handle & transport in containers or by rai

  • Our quality guarantee is based on a proprietary process designed in-house that provides for the control and test of all mechanical pieces, ensuring their correct operation both before and after installation.
  • Before handing the facility over to the customer hydraulic and mechanical pressure tests are carried out, together with tests of the system management software operation
  • Our suppliers are themselves a high quality guarantee:Bosch Rexroth (for hydraulic components), Siemens (for electronic components) and Hardox (for all wear-resistant plates).
  • Moreover, we have decided to invest in five CNC centers producing hundreds of pieces with minimum mechanical tolerances.

Mac develops a new binding system, the only one of its kind in terms of strength and simplicity. Macpresse develops a new binding system that allows for the use of up to 10 baling wires. 

This result is achieved thanks to the advantages of the Mac binding machine, which is unique to the market in terms of strength and simplicity. This is a system used to bale special materials requiring binding and is designed to handle the materials' variations in volume in an extremely flexible manner. In most cases, breaking is inevitable with standard binding, meaning the whole bale needs to be redone.
The new binding system allows for the use of 10 horizontal baling wires measuring 2.5 mm in diameter. The binding machine has been strengthened considerably so that it can cut and tie up to 10 baling wires at the same time with the operator in charge of the baler required to do much less work.

For 50 years we’ve been designing and manufacturing technologically innovative, reliable machines.

Our machines can be used in different environments thanks to the availability of both small balers ideal for logistic centers, and large ones ideal for landfill sites.

The balers force can vary from 60 to 200 tons ram thrust  with an output between 3 and over 70 ton/hour.

  • The main strengths of MACPRESSE balers
  • Baling flexibility and multi-materiality
  • The machines can bale different types of materials.

Differentiated product lines

We have differentiated the product lines to respond to different production requirements (automatic balers for recyclable materials and waste from 60 to 200 tons) for applications encompassing small supermarket balers with 3 ton/hour output and large units for landfill sites with a production of over 70 ton/hour.

Wear-resistant internal coating

  • Wear-resistant plate coating – HARDOX – allowing to extend the machine’s service life.
  • The hardox liners  are bolted into the extrusion channel   and compacting chambers and can be easily replaced.

Advanced baling system and horizontal binder

  • System designed to bind both plastic and metal wires.

Cutting and compacting system

  • The cutting and compacting system ensures high volume throughput.
  • This procedure allows higher density per m³ compared to the press flap balers.

Easy maintenance

  • The horizontal wire tyer system makes easy the cleaning of the system and guarantees better operator safety.
  • The final result of our balers’ processing are the bales (treated, compacted, baled and wrapped waste) that play a vital role in optimizing logistics and transport costs.
  • In fact, the reduction in waste volume allows to cut down on transport costs, excluding the use of special vehicles in favour of normal ones such as trains or conventional trucks.Compacting volumes is moreover essential to double the landfill capacity, optimizing it.

The machines are certified and comply with quality and safety international standards.