Guidetti Recycling Systems

Guidetti Recycling Systems

Guidetti Recycling Systems - leading manufacturer in the field of metals’ recycling - represents the Made in Italy in the world, with the know-how acquired in more than thirty years of experience and investments in research and development. Guidetti is passion, technology, attention for every functional detail, research of new solutions and development of systems aimed to excellence. We design compact machines and lines for the recycling of non-ferrous metals and materials - aluminum, nickel, lead, copper, zinc - through reduction size and dry- separation systems, to safeguard the raw material and make it available to be used. Our machines have reached the highest level of separation and soundproofing. Easy to use, they separate materials based on their dimensions and specific weight, reducing management and processing costs.

Company details

Via Salvi, 1 , Renazzo (FE) , 44045 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Recycling Systems
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Recycling allows tons of raw materials to be marketed again, saving energy and resources. Profit achieved in terms of reducing raw material consumption, costs for citizens and CO2 emissions.

Separating as a way to connect. At the origin of the Guidetti worldwide success

Our story begins in the mid-80s in a small building in Renazzo, near Cento, where Mauro Guidetti manufactured his first prototype, a unique machine, able to separate plastic from cables.

Since the beginning, the activity revealed its DNA, the innovative products nature and its propensity to customize. The production specializes and manufactures machines able to separate a wide range of materials and waste products.

The Guidetti global success begins with the conquest of European markets, Japan, Russia, Korea and USA. Today the company has 50 different models, 600 filed samples, 3000 plants sold all over the world and a yearly turnover of 12.000,00 euro.

Value to extract

The Guidetti market opens up to e-waste, i.e. to the recycling of electric and electronic appliances - W.E.E.E. - rapidly growing worldwide - with rates three times higher than normal waste and high environmental impact.

Company choices focus on the value to extract, to recycle materials from computers, mobile phones, household appliances, to bring them to a new use, thus reducing the raw material extraction and tons of waste.

Guidetti is a story of growth not only in economic terms, since recycling - soul of the brand - creates dual opportunities: environmental prosperity, economic and social advantages.

Innovation in the DNA

The Guidetti machines are among the most copied in the world, but our company waived to file the patent, focusing on the continuous research, anticipating market demands with innovative products and improving assistance.

The innovative spirit of Guidetti Recycling Systems takes shape into the Guidetti Super Car, a project inspired to Ferruccio Lamborghini models, an entrepreneur who, like Mauro Giudetti started his own business in Renazzo.

Like all other Guidetti realizations, this car prototype projects towards the future. The mission is to be one step forward, with updating, individual answers and continuous improvements, to recycle waste all over the world and leave a healthier environment for future generations.