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  • Stability Measurement

    It is virtually impossible to assess a sample’s aging behavior from its condition at a single point in time. That’s why Metrohm offers you stability measuring instruments that allow you to perform automated accelerated aging tests for natural oils and fats, fat-containing foods and cosmetics, biodiesel, and chlorine-containing polymers such as PVC. During these tests, the decay reactions that take place in the samples – i.e., their decomposition by oxidation or thermal degr

  • Metrohm - Model 895 - Professional PVC Thermomat

    Metrohm - Model 895 - Professional PVC Thermomat

    The 895 Professional PVC Thermomat determines the thermostability of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other chlorine-containing polymers by means of the dehydrochlorination test (DHC). This involves exposing the samples to elevated temperatures in the PVC Thermomat and measuring the stability time – the time until gaseous hydrogen chloride is released. The method is compliant with national and international standards, and it is particularly easy to...