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  • Electrochemistry - Complementary Products

  • Electrochemistry Accessories

    Electrochemistry Accessories

    In electrochemical research, the flexibility to set up and perform experiments as you need is crucial. Metrohm Autolab offers a range of electrochemistry accessories to expand the scope of your electrochemical research. These products will enable you to implement different measurement techniques, expand the measurable range, and conduct specific applications.

  • Metrohm - Electrochemistry Cells

    Metrohm - Electrochemistry Cells

    Find the right cell for your electrochemical research here. Metrohm Electrochemistry offers a wide variety of cells suitable for a range of application areas in a diverse range of materials. Our cells are available in different materials, making them compatible with various solvents. We also manufacture customized cells for specific customer applications. You can operate the cells with screen-printed electrodes or interdigitated...

  • Metrohm - Autolab Modules

    Metrohm - Autolab Modules

    Metrohm Autolab offers a variety of modules that allow you to broaden the scope of your electrochemical research.